Lead Generation for Tradetron through Performance Marketing Campaign

Case Study

About the Brand 

Tradetron operates in the finance sector, specifically focusing on trading. It offers its services online, enabling users to engage in trading activities through its digital platforms.

Target Audience

Trading, Male, Female, Age – 24 – 45, Mid & High Income, Pan India

Campaign Goals

The main objective of the campaign of Tradetron was to encourage traders to try their trading platform. This strategy was a way to expand their target audience so that they could sample their services, and eventually become regular users.


Tradetron encountered a very challenging issue for high costs of the sign-ups related to both brand and competition keywords (KW). The expense of availing the new users via these platforms was extremely high thus distressed campaign efficacy.


Campaign Separation: Encountered high costs in an ad group that mixed generic and competitor keywords. Differentiate the campaigns to structure the strategies and budget of each campaign productively.

Keyword Optimization: Held regular keyword reviews and indicators of effectiveness. Taking the keywords which were underperforming and launching new and possibly high performing ones. As one of the primary goals, it will enhance ad relevance, expected to raise click-through and conversion rates, with a consequential drop of cost per sign-up.

Ad Asset Optimization: Regularly updated ad components like headlines, descriptions, and image assets. We ensured ad assets were attractive and relevant for the target audience. High rates of user engagement that will translate into a higher number of sign-ups and optimized expenses.

Continuous Monitoring and Adjustment: Engaged in a campaign monitoring and the improvement process continuously. Used real-time market trends and user behavior to adjust strategies. Proactive cost-and-performance management support, with an added benefit of cost-effectiveness.


The campaign lasted for 10 months with a budget of ₹2.1 million and yielded impressive results:The campaign lasted for 10 months with a budget of ₹2.1 million and yielded impressive results:

Total Sign Ups: 44.4K

Total Subscriptions: 6.2K

Subscription Rate: 14%

Cost per Subscription: ₹341

ROAS : 3x

These figures demonstrate how the campaign is bringing in a huge number of subscriptions and having an impressively large number of them (Subscribed Users) is a miracle that also keeps a very low cost.


The campaign, with a duration of 10 months and a budget of ₹2.1 million, achieved impressive results: 44.4K Total Sign-Ups and 6.2K Subscriptions which made a 14% conversion rate. The subscription rate was also set at ₹341, which is testament to the Dollar Reporter’s efficiency in delivering the desired outcome using the available resources.

Finally, it can be concluded that the Media Ant had a key assistance in transforming Tradetron’s market strategies that eventually enabled the company to capitalize on its challenges as its market growth. 

That being said, the corporation had a strategic plan and analytical method which did not only meet but passed by the campaign goals. The fact that Tradetron was supposed to stand the test of time made the company become a big player in the trading sector, and the standard rising high for future performance marketing ventures.

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