Newspaper Advertising in Gandhinagar

Hindi, Gujarati and English Nespapers are popular in Gandhinagar.  The Major Dailies are Avataran, Lokarpan, Aman Yatra, Manav Mitra, Aman A Vatan, Capital Kranti, Lok Prahari, Lok Sansar, Janadesh, Avadh Times, Bharat Times, Young Leader and Aman Ki Awaz


What makes Newspaper advertising popular in a city:

Large Population

Large Geography

High literacy level


Gandhinagar with a population of more than 1,391,753, Area of approximately 177 km2  and a literacy rate of 84.16 makes itself suitable for Newspaper Advertising. Popular Languages here are Gujarati, Hindi and English. One can expect to find significant number of Newspaper readers in Gandhinagar for both these languages.

How to Advertise in a Gandhinagar Newspaper?

The complete list of top Newspapers to advertise in Gandhinagar along with best rates and contact details can be found in this part of the blog post. You can also contact one of the several Newspaper Advertising agencies in Gandhinagar who can make a Newspaper advertising plan for you.


You can get the rates for advertising in Newspapers of Gandhinagar by clicking Here

List of Newspapers in Gandhinagar



Aman Yatra

Manav Mitra

Aman A Vatan

Capital Kranti

Lok Prahari

Lok Sansar


Avadh Times

Bharat Times

Young Leader

Aman Ki Awaz


Newspaper advertising has a very idiosyncratic pricing. While there is a card rate of Newspapers for advertising, they rarely sell at the card rates. Discount depends on the volume, relationship and the category of advertisers. Keeping these in mind, it always makes sense to place your ad through a Newspaper advertising agency in Gandhinagar.


Find below examples of Newspaper ads placed by brands in Gandhinagar


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