Book Newspaper Ad for Name Change

Book Newspaper Ad For Name Change In Passport

Identity does not alter if a name is changed. People must know that the same individual exists and may be contacted under a different name. It is relatively easy to declare a new name because the media serve to inform the public. Newspaper Ad plays a significant role. After just a few steps, you can change your passport’s name and publish it in the newspaper to notify the world about the same.

Steps for name change ad in the newspaper for passport

The Media Ant, the biggest online newspaper ad agency in India, has established the most straightforward system for booking online ads. 

To begin, visit The Media Ant website using the ad placement Options.

Open the newspaper genre on the main page to find the advertisements section.

Once you’ve found it, place your ad there by following these simple steps:

  • Select which location, publication and category (classified ad)and enter the ad text manually or choose from a library of sample ads.
  • Select the size and position of your ad and upload a picture for your advertising; once done, click the “Submit” button.
  • You may request an express quote after submitting it.

Following the price, you may pick the day you want your Name Change in Passport advertising to appear in your preferred newspaper.


Steps to Place Passport Name Change Ad in Newspaper

Select a Newspaper: Choose a widely circulated newspaper in your region. It’s advisable to pick one English newspaper and one regional language newspaper.

Gather Required Information: Prepare the details for the advertisement, including your old name, new name, and the reason for the name change (if required).

Contact the Newspaper: Reach out to the classified advertisement department of the newspaper. This can usually be done online, via email, or by phone.

Draft the Advertisement: Provide the necessary details to the newspaper. They may have a standard format for name change ads, including phrases like “I, [Old Name], henceforth shall be known as [New Name]”.

Review and Approve: The newspaper will send you a draft of the advertisement. Review it for accuracy.

Decide on Publication Dates: Choose the dates on which you want the advertisement to be published. Typically, the ad needs to be published for a certain number of days.

Make Payment: Pay the required fee for the advertisement. Newspapers may have different rates depending on the size and duration of the ad.

Keep Copies of the Published Ad: Once the ad is published, make sure to keep copies of the newspaper or a printout of the online ad. These may be required for passport and other legal processes.
Follow Up with Passport Application: After the advertisement is published, you can proceed with the passport name change application, where you may need to submit the advertisement as proof of the name change.

Format of name change ad in the newspaper for the passport

 I {Old Name} S/o. {Father’s Name} Age {x} Years, Address: {your address, city, state, pin code} has changed my Name from {Old Name} to {New Name} vide Affidavit Number {ABC-0001} dated {DD/MM/YYYY} before Notary by {DD/MM/YYYY}

The specific manner in which Name Change advertising is published implies that all the information will be filled in following the style described above. Additionally, a Notary’s affidavit is necessary since the advertising must include both the Notary’s information and the affidavit number.

Name change ad in the newspaper for passport sample

Name Change Ad In The Newspaper For Passport Sample
Book Newspaper Ad For Name Change 2

Samples of the name change as in the newspaper for passport are:

  • For Adult

I, Mohit Kumar S/o Amba Sharma R/o Khushipur, Amritsar, Punjab-140001. have changed my name and shall hereafter be Known As Ram Sharma.

  • For Minor

I, Ram Tirath Vaish S/o Ram Chandur R/O Flat No- 259, Type-A, Pocket -12, D.D.A.-Flat, Dwarka, South West Delhi, Delhi-110074. have changed the name of my minor son Roshan Raj Vaish aged about 05 Month and he shall hereafter be known as Ravi Raj Vaish.

It is certified that I have complied with other legal requirements in this connection.

Newspaper name change advertising agency

The Media Ant is the leading advertising agency in India, providing advertising and marketing solutions for all digital and traditional media platforms. 

If you want to utilize any advertising-related services, The Media Ant can help you reach out to your target audience. You’ve come to the right spot; visit The Media Ant website to learn about your possibilities. Find an appropriate venue for your name change advertisement through your preferred publication.

Just by following a few steps, you can advertise name change in passport ads in your preferred newspaper.


How do you advertise a name change in a newspaper?

One of India’s largest online newspaper ad companies, The Media Ant, will give you all the answers for your advertising needs in simple steps. The “Newspaper” section of the Media Ant website provides a thorough breakdown of the cost of the Name Change in Passport advertisement.To advertise a name change in a newspaper, you typically need to select a newspaper that is widely circulated in your state or region. The process involves contacting the newspaper’s classified advertisement department and providing them with the necessary information for your name change notice. This will include your old name, new name, and other relevant details. You’ll then need to choose an advertisement package that fits your budget and submit your name change information for publication. After paying the required fees, the advertisement will be scheduled for publication as per the newspaper’s timeline.

How much does it cost to publish a passport name change in a newspaper in India?

The ad type you choose will affect how much it costs to place a Name Change in a Passport ad in the newspaper; this fee is subject to change. Other elements, though, affect your pricing. The city you want the advertisement to run, whether it should be in color or black and white, how many extra lines, etc.
The cost structure for Name Changes in Passport advertisements in the newspaper will depend on the ad’s size, location, and position.
You don’t need to be concerned about the expense or wonder, “How much does it cost me to put up this Name Change in a Passport advertisement?” Each media choice available on The Media Ant’s website includes a detailed description of the price of the Name Change in Passport advertising in the newspapers under the “Newspaper” section.

Why do you advertise a passport name change in the newspaper?

Change of Passport Name Newspaper advertisements are published to let people know that someone has changed their name even if they are still alive. These advertisements also serve as documentation that will be submitted with your name change application to the appropriate authorities.

How effective is a passport name change ad?

Depending on the region, publication, and category you choose, passport name change newspaper advertising will be more or less accessible. The newspaper’s circulation, which is restricted to a few particular areas and the average number of copies printed, may be used to assess the advertisement’s reach.

Is newspaper ad required for name change in passport?

The requirement for a newspaper ad for a name change in a passport may vary depending on your country’s regulations and the specific circumstances of your name change. In some countries, a newspaper ad may be a required step in the name change process, while in others, it may not be necessary at all. It’s essential to check with your local passport office or the relevant government agency to determine the specific requirements for your situation.

Is newspaper ad enough for name change?

If a newspaper ad is required, then typically, it is just one part of the name change process. Additional documentation and steps may also be necessary, such as obtaining a court order or submitting an application for a name change.

Which newspaper is best for name change?

The choice of which newspaper to use for the name change advertisement can vary. It’s advisable to consult with the passport office or legal authorities in your jurisdiction to determine any specific guidelines or recommendations regarding which newspaper to use.

How long does it take to publish name change in newspaper?

The time it takes to publish a name change in a newspaper can also vary depending on the newspaper’s publication schedule. It may take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for the ad to be published.


The requirement for a newspaper ad when changing your name in a passport depends on the regulations of your country and the specific circumstances of the name change. In some places, it’s a required step, while in others, it may not be necessary. It’s important to consult with your local passport office or relevant government agency to understand the specific requirements for your situation​

Is Gazette notification enough for name change in passport?

Generally, a Gazette Notification is sufficient for name correction/change in legal documents, including passports. However, this can vary depending on the specific application. In some cases, the passport department may require additional documents such as an affidavit and newspaper publication in two leading newspapers (one local and one in English), while in others, a Gazette Notification and a copy of ID proof with the new name may suffice​

Which is the cheapest newspaper name change ad?

The cheapest option for publishing a name change is typically a local community newspaper, or local weekly or monthly newspapers. These are generally less expensive than larger, daily newspapers. Many local newspapers also offer discounts for multiple name changes in the same advertisement

 Is it mandatory to publish name change in newspaper?

This requirement varies depending on jurisdiction. In most cases, publishing a name change in a newspaper is a part of the legal process to allow creditors and other interested parties to object to or be aware of the change. The exact requirements and process can differ from one state or country to another

Is it necessary to publish name change in newspaper?

The necessity of publishing a name change in a newspaper is contingent on local laws and regulations. It is a common legal requirement meant to provide public notice of the name change, but specific rules and the necessity can vary​

I want to publish a name change ad in two newspapers for my passport. Which ones should I choose?

For publishing a name change ad in two newspapers, you should ideally choose one local newspaper and another in English, as per the general guidelines. It’s advisable to consult with the passport office or legal authorities in your jurisdiction for specific recommendations. Select newspapers that are widely circulated in your area and consider cost-effective options like local community newspapers or local weeklies

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