Media Trivia- Based on Influencer Advertising 2022

Influencer Marketing

Change is inevitable! The same goes for the advertising scenario which has been predominantly impacted by the digital world. The quick transition has forced firms to update their marketing strategies, and audiences have altered how they perceive and make purchases from brands.

‘Influencer’ a term which is on the tip of our tongue these days. In fact, influencers contribute almost 73% to the ad space according to Exchange4media and GroupM, and over two-third of the Indian population follows an influencer which makes it the most chosen advertising option that brands prefer to go with.

And as the sector continues to expand, there is more exposure for the brands to come up with tremendous campaign ideas.

Play our inexorable fun quiz on Influencer advertising today!!

Influencer Advertising 2022

To know more about Influencer Marketing read our article on Ultimate guide to Influencer Marketing 2022. To create successful Influencer marketing campaigns visit The Media Ant.

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