Marketing Ideas under Rs 10K for Mumbai


There are many marketing ideas under Rs 10,000 in Mumbai that can be tried by small businesses, startups and large companies alike. These marketing ideas under Rs 10K have been selected not only basis pricing but also efficacy. Most of these options would be targeted at a smaller geography within Mumbai,  technically also known as Hyper Local Marketing.

1. Newspaper Inserts  These can be targeted to a very small geography. A favourite among retail based businesses

Pamphlet Distribution Mumbai
Newspaper Insert Mumbai

2. Cinema Advertising in Mumbai  With more than 300 screens to pick from, one can advertise in Andheri or Thane or any place of your interest. Prices start as low as Rs 700 for a week

Theatre Advertising Mumbai
Cinema Advertising Mumbai

3. Radio Ad Mumbai Not recommended for all businesses but Radio in Mumbai can work under Rs 10,000 for sales and store opening messages

Radio Ad Rates Mumbai
Radio Advertising In Mumbai

4. Digital Advertising Our freelancers have helped businesses in Mumbai to advertise online on portals like Google and Facebook with less than Rs 10,000 spend per month. This includes search on google and social media advertising on popular social media networks like Facebook and Twitter

Mumbai Social Media Advertising
Face &Amp; Google

5. Auto Advertising in Mumbai  If one knows Mumbai they know how auto rickshaws serve as the lifeline for the city. One can advertise on these autos for starting package as low as Rs 3,000 per month

Auto Rickshaw Ad Mumbai
Auto Advertising Mumbai

6. Cafe Coffee Day Advertising Mumbai  If your target group is youth and with a slightly medium or high income, Cafe Coffee Day or CCD is one of the best options to utilize.

Cafe Coffee Day Advertising
Ccd Mumbai Advertising

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