IPL 2024: What’s New for Advertisers?

Ipl 2023

The adrenaline-pumping thrill of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is set to return in 2024, and the excitement extends far beyond the passionate fans. This year, the advertising world is buzzing with anticipation, not just for the usual cricketing spectacle, but also for the groundbreaking changes that promise to reshape the landscape for brands. JioCinema’s groundbreaking entry as the official broadcaster marks a paradigm shift, opening doors to innovative advertising possibilities. From lower entry barriers to hyper-targeted audience reach and cutting-edge ad formats,  IPL 2024 is poised to be a game-changer for advertisers. So, as the first ball is about to be bowled, let’s dive into the unveiling of fresh opportunities and evolving trends that will unfold throughout the season, equipping you with the knowledge to make your brand a winner in the advertising arena.

IPL 2023: A quick recap

The 2023 IPL season on JioCinema wasn’t just about exciting cricket; it was a digital revolution. JioCinema shattered records with a staggering 449 million user reach, proving the immense potential of the platform. This was further amplified by offering a barrier-free experience in 12 languages across various devices, making the IPL accessible to a wider audience than ever before.

JioCinema also went beyond just broadcasting by offering innovative tech-driven features that transformed the viewing experience. Fans enjoyed the thrill of the Hype Mode, switched between multiple camera angles, and even immersed themselves in the action through a captivating 360-degree VR experience. These features, coupled with the growing popularity of CTV (Connected TV), solidified JioCinema’s position as the go-to platform for IPL viewership, garnering a massive 126 million unique reach on the big screen and 29 million+ device-level reach. Below mentioned image contains some interesting data points for advertisers looking to advertise this season.

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The success of IPL 2023 on JioCinema paves the way for an even more exciting and innovative season in 2024, setting the stage for brands to leverage this powerful platform to connect with a wider audience and engage them in new and interactive ways.

What to expect from IPL 2024?

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Huge viewership: Jiocinema, the official digital broadcaster, anticipates over 600 million viewers, highlighting a potential shift towards digital platforms dominating sports viewership compared to traditional linear television.

High engagement: With 10 teams playing 74 matches, expect intense competition and sustained audience interest due to the anticipated average watch time of 70 minutes per match.

Targeted advertising: Jiocinema offers advertisers customized targeting options and regional feed sponsorships to reach specific demographics and regions effectively.

Brand building: Participating brands can leverage sustained presence throughout the tournament and build brand stature and impact through association with the highly popular IPL.

Increased brand awareness:  Expect TOMA (Top of Mind Awareness) to rise for brands associated with the IPL due to its immense reach and hype.

Overall, IPL 2024 is likely to be a high-octane event with a massive digital audience, intense competition, and significant opportunities for brand building and awareness creation.

What’s in store for Advertisers?

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The TATA IPL offers a unique and powerful platform for advertisers to achieve three key objectives:

Magnify Brand Awareness: Reach a massive, engaged audience across India. With over 500 million viewers expected, your brand will gain significant exposure, increasing brand recognition and awareness.

Build Stature and Impact: Associate your brand with the biggest sporting event in the country. The IPL’s immense popularity and passionate fan base create a positive association, elevating your brand image and boosting its impact.

Improve Brand Recall: Through high-frequency exposure throughout the tournament, your brand will stay top-of-mind for consumers, leading to improved brand recall and potential for future engagement.

TATA IPL: Precise Targeting for Maximum Impact

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Beyond the vast reach of the TATA IPL, advertisers can leverage a variety of targeting options to ensure their message reaches the exact audience they want:

1. Demographic & Device-Based Targeting

Reach specific genders (Male/Female): Tailor your message to resonate with the preferences and interests of men or women.

Target age groups (<35yrs, 35+yrs): Connect with younger or more experienced audiences based on your product or service.

Choose by device type (<15K, 15k+, 25K+): Advertise on devices within specific price ranges to reach budget-conscious or premium consumers.

2. Geographic Targeting:

Target top metropolitan areas (Top 6 metros, Top 10 metros): Reach a concentrated audience in major Indian cities.

Expand your reach to larger towns (1Mn+ towns): Advertise in areas with a growing population and potential customer base.

Focus on specific regions (Southern States, West India, East India, North-East): Tailor your campaign to the unique preferences and demographics of different regions.

Target individual states (Only Gujarat, Only UP, etc.): Reach a concentrated audience within a specific state.

Go hyper-local with single metros (Only Delhi, Only Bangalore, etc.): Advertise solely in a single major city.

3. 17+ Language Feeds:

Connect with diverse audiences: Deliver your message in the languages your target audience consumes content in, maximizing comprehension and engagement.

With over 100 cohorts available, TATA IPL empowers you to craft a targeted advertising strategy that reaches the right people, in the right places, at the right time. This ensures your brand message resonates effectively and maximizes your return on investment.

Capture Attention During Crucial Moments in TATA IPL

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The TATA IPL offers beyond just broad exposure. Seize the opportunity to truly captivate your audience by strategically placing your ads during high-engagement moments:

Super 6s: Grab instant attention during the explosive moments of six consecutive sixes, generating excitement and brand association.

Milestones: Showcase your brand as viewers celebrate key milestones like a century or a hat-trick, creating a positive brand connection with the game’s most memorable moments.

Winning moments: Be a part of the victory celebration by displaying your ad during the team’s euphoric moments, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Rush Overs: Reach viewers during the fast-paced and action-packed final overs, capturing their heightened attention and maximizing impact.

Quick Runs: Capitalize on moments of rapid scoring, keeping your brand visible as the excitement builds and viewers are actively engaged.

Extras: Maintain consistent brand presence throughout the match by displaying your ad during moments like boundary fours, wides, and no-balls, ensuring continuous brand recognition.

By strategically aligning your ad placements with these key moments, you can leverage the emotional intensity and peak viewership to create a powerful and memorable brand experience for your target audience.

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TATA IPL offers a variety of advertising formats to suit your specific campaign goals and budget:

Masthead: Dominate the screen with a premium banner ad positioned at the top of the broadcast throughout the match. This provides unparalleled brand visibility and creates a strong brand association with the IPL experience.

Preroll/Midroll: Capture viewers’ attention with video ads played before, during, or after the match. This format allows for storytelling elements and deeper brand engagement.

Fence: Maintain continuous brand presence throughout the match with perimeter ads displayed around the playing field. This ensures constant visual reinforcement and brand recognition for viewers.

Frame: Showcase your brand within the broadcast frame throughout the match. This format offers subtle yet persistent brand visibility, providing consistent brand recognition without overwhelming viewers.

Each ad format offers unique benefits and caters to different marketing objectives. By choosing the right format or combination of formats, you can effectively reach your target audience and achieve your desired brand impact within the TATA IPL.


TATA IPL 2024 promises to be a goldmine for advertisers, offering a unique blend of unmatched reach, precise targeting options, and strategic ad placement opportunities. With a projected viewership exceeding 600 million, diverse targeting options like 100+ cohorts and 17+ language feeds, and the chance to capture attention during key moments like Super 6s and winning moments, the IPL provides an unparalleled platform to amplify brand awareness, build brand stature, and improve brand recall. So, if you’re looking to connect with a massive and engaged audience in India, look no further than the TATA IPL 2024.

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