How to use Hyperlocal Advertising to promote your business?

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PlatformMedia TypeStarting Budget
Google & Facebook AdvertisingDigitalINR 10,000 onwards
Ola App AdvertisingDigitalINR 50,000 onwards
Native Advertising (Taboola)DigitalINR 10,000 onwards
Outdoor AdvertisingOutdoorINR 50,000 onwards
Cinema AdvertisingCinemaINR 30,000 onwards
Newspaper InsertsNon-TraditionalINR 50,000 onwards
Activation in malls, tech parks etcNon-TraditionalINR 50,000 onwards
Bus/Metro BrandingNon-TraditionalINR 30,000 onwards
SMS AdvertisingNon-TraditionalINR 30,000 onwards
Mobile Van AdvertisingNon-TraditionalINR 20,000 onwards

What is hyperlocal advertising?

Hyperlocal advertising refers to targeting a particular area/location/community around a business/outlet with a message customized to the area.

Who should do hyperlocal advertising?

With the advent of smartphones in India, popularity of “near me” searches on Google for all types of services has increased manifold. Expanding cities, traffic congestion and emergence of hyperlocal services like Swiggy, Dunzo, Urban Clap, etc has created these small well-defined catchment areas for small businesses, shops, restaurants etc. These areas are not only the low-hanging fruits for the brands but also play an instrumental role in the success of the business. According to Ken Research, by 2020, hyperlocal market in India would exceed 2306 crore INR.

Hyperlocal advertising is apt for businesses where distance/locations play a major role in their purchase decision. Following are a few examples:

  1. Physical shops/stores for small/medium ticket items: grocery, clothing, mobile, and other electronics
  2. Restaurants, cafes and QSRs
  3. Services like repair, cleaning services, pharmacies, doctors, beauty parlors, tailors etc
  4. Bank branch and ATMs
  5. Educational/Coaching Institutions
  6. Clinics/Veterinary
  7. Big brands trying to capture specific areas/market
  8. Brands who want to run a pilot launch for a new product/feature

Hyperlocal is no more a business model or advertising strategy only, it has become a way of life. Following brands/players have leveraged this consumer behavior in the best ways: Dunzo, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, Urban Clap, Housejoy etc.

4 questions that help you decide if an advertising medium is right for hyperlocal advertising

a) How precisely can the advertising medium target a location/area?

Advertising medium that can target locations at pin-code or area levels would work the best for hyperlocal advertising. Best examples for this would be Google and Facebook in digital and outdoor and cinema advertising in case of traditional.

b) What is the expected cost per reach for the advertising medium?

When the target geography decreases in size, advertising rates would also decrease. However, it would be a good practice to understand the cost per reach to have a better idea of the cost effectiveness.

c) What is the minimum budget requirement for advertising on the medium?

Some mediums (like Television Channels) require a higher commitment in terms of advertising budgets. This is also one of the major factors that advertisers should look at while deciding on the advertising medium.

 d) (For brands with multiple markets) Is the advertising medium scalable?

Our client Swiggy wanted to capture popular areas in Bangalore with area specific communication. Advertising on bus shelters helped them in their objective. Hence, scalability of advertising mediums too play a big role in decision making.

11 effective hyperlocal advertising platforms for hyperlocal businesses

Location targeting is the key factor when deciding on the advertising platforms for hyperlocal targeting. The following advertising platforms are considered the best when targeting specific locations.

1.Google My Business and

Starting Budget: INR 10,000

Check Rates for Google Search Advertising

Google Search has become the ubiquitous solution to every question that crosses our mind. The best way to appear on such searches organically is to get yourself registered on Google My Business. It’s easy to set up and it’s free of cost.

Google My Business For Hyperlocal Advertising

Google Search Advertising is a great way to reach out to people who are looking for your services or services similar to yours. The biggest advantage of Google Search Advertising is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Google Search Advertising For Hyperlocal Advertising2. Display Advertising : &

Starting Budget: 10,000

Check Rates for Google Display Advertising

Check Rates for Facebook Advertising

Display ads on Google and Facebook are great ideas to reach out to your target audience based on pin-code targeting or area targeting.

Facebook Advertising For Hyperlocal Advertising


 Starting Budget: INR 50,000

 In the age of traffic jams and congestion, people prefer to travel hassle free by calling cabs. These cabs can travel to any corner in the city. Ads can be played on Ola Apps as well as Ola video screens (Prime Play) based on the location of the cabs and other targeting options (cab type, income level etc).

Ola App Advertising For Hyperlocal Business


Starting Budget: INR 50,000

Check Rates for Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising comprises of various options like hoardings, bus shelters, metro pillars, road medians, skywalks etc. Not only are the displays attractive and effective, but outdoor advertising campaigns are also scalable. Following are few images of how we executed an outdoor advertising campaign for Swiggy in Bangalore:

Outdoor Campaign For Swiggy

Outdoor Campaign For Swiggy In Bengaluru

Outdoor Advertising For Swiggy In Bengaluru5.

 Starting Budget: INR 30,000

Check Rates for Cinema Advertising

Cinema halls are great medium for advertising both onscreen and offscreen. Most of these halls are located within shopping malls hence making it a good choice for advertising for shops and restaurants in the mall and nearby areas. Another advantage of cinema hall advertising is that the audience is exposed to the ads in a relaxed and captive environment, hence the chances of conversion are higher.

Cinema Advertising For Hyperlocal Targeting


Starting Budget: INR 20,000

Check Rates for Newspaper Inserts Advertising

This is a form of advertising closest to newspaper advertising yet cheaper and enables hyperlocal advertising. Pamphlets with ads are inserted inside the newspaper at the local distributors in the morning, before being distributed. The biggest advantage of newspaper inserts is that advertisers can select smaller units like particular apartment complexes as well.

7. Activation in , , ,

 Starting Budget: INR 1 Lakh

Check Rates for Advertising in Retail Stores & Malls

Check Rates for Tech Park Advertising

Check Rates for Advertising in Apartments

Check Rates for Advertising in Metro Stations

Numerous ad options ranging from kiosk promotion, display boards to elevator branding etc can be opted for targeting mall visitors, tech park employees, apartment residents and metro travelers. These ad options are very popular among brands in real estate, educational institutions, restaurants and retail industry. Following is an image from our campaign execution for Dunzo in Apartment Activation in Chennai.

Hyperlocal Advertising For Dunzo In Chennai8. Bus/

 Starting Budget: INR 30,000

Check Rates for Bus Branding

Check Rates for Metro Branding

Possibility of route targeting makes bus branding and metro branding attractive to advertisers. Buses and metro moving towards the commercial areas of the city are advertisers’ favorite.

Bus Branding For Hyperlocal Tageting


 Starting Budget: INR 10,000

Check Rates for SMS Advertising

SMS advertising is another popular advertising option that can be used to target audience within a particular area or pin code. It can be very useful for communicating offers and discounts in the locality.


 Starting Budget: INR 10,000

Check Rates for Native Advertising

Native ad platforms are ad platforms that enable the ads to appear among similar content so as they look less like advertisement and more relevant to the website section being visited by the user. This not only enhances the user’s experience but also increases the chances of the ads being clicked. Few of the native ad platforms like Taboola offers pincode targeting.


Starting Package: INR 20,000

Check Rates for Mobile Van Advertising

Mobile van advertising is an apt medium to advertise to a large number of people within a small time period within a specific area. These mobile vans run for about 8 hours and cover a distance of 40 km per day.

Mobile Van Advertising For Hyperlocal Targeting


Starting Package: INR 40,000

Check Rates for Cab Advertising in Hyderabad

This innovative hyperlocal cab advertising option involves image/GIF ads playing on a digital display board above the cab. The ads are controlled in real time through geo-fencing hence displaying the ads in the specified areas only.

Cab Roof Display Board Advertising For Hyperlocal Targeting

To know more about hyperlocal advertising or get a customised hyperlocal media plan for your brand, write to us at


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