Fun Cinemas Movie Theatre Advertising: All you want to know

Fun Cinemas Movie Theatre Advertising

Watching movie is one of the most popular pastime activities in India. Fun Cinemas is one of the popular choices within the Movie Chain options.

Fun Cinemas Movie Hall Chain

Fun Cinemas was earlier owned by The Essel Group. In the year 2015, 100% stakes of Fun Cinemas were acquired by Mexican multiplex operator Cinépolis.

Why should one opt for Fun Cinemas Movie Theatre Advertising?           

Fun Cinemas under the brand name of Cinepolis has become one of the prominent cinema hall chains in India. Cinepolis has a total of more than 300 movie theatres available for advertising nationwide. Movie Theatre Advertising is a very good option for businesses that are looking for low budget campaigns. The movie hall audience is a captive audience with eyeballs set on a huge cinema screen that ensures the high impact of the message being sent across.

How can one book for Fun Cinemas Movie Theatre Advertising?

The brand Fun Cinemas do not exist anymore but has been merged into the brand Cinepolis so one can always visit The Media Ant’s page for Cinepolis to book ad spots in Fun Cinemas Movie Halls. Following is the link to the Cinepolis Page:

The available options are slide advertising without audio, slide advertising with audio and video advertising. For video advertising, one needs a censor certificate too which can be availed with the assistance of the Cinema Advertising Agencies.

For more details on cinema advertising, you can also visit the site:

Looking for advertising in cinema halls but don’t know where to start from? Check out this link:


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