TV Advertising in India: 8 secrets to hit the jackpot with the Indian youth

Barc Insights On Tv Viewership In India

TV Advertising in India remains one of the most popular and preferred media options, thanks to the penetration and reach of television. Even with the rise of on-demand content channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Voot, the television sets have evolved too and products like Amazon Firestick have ensured that we don’t switch our screens from the television to laptops and mobiles. Most of the Entertainment channels have introduced HD versions for a better experience. This article covers few valuable insights by Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC) which would give the advertisers ideas about how to reach your target audience through advertising on TV Channels.

Eight Valuable Tips from BARC India

1.  The contribution of Indian youth in TV viewership

Indian Youth &Amp; Tv Viewership

Insight The youth (15-30 years) contributes 33% share of total TV viewership
Your Take Away TV Advertising is a great option to reach the Indian youth

2.     TV Viewership: Weekday vs. Weekend

2 1

Insight TV viewership remains consistent across weekday & weekend
Your Take Away There is a wrong notion that youth watch TV more on weekends. This is not the case so advertising spend in TV advertising should be adjusted accordingly

3.     TV Viewing Behaviour: Rural vs. Urban

Tv Viewing Rural Vs Urban

Insight There is a prevalence of late-night viewership in megacities
Your Take Away TV advertising during late night hours can be a good option to target youth in mega cities as it is cheaper compared to other time bands

4. Film Based programmes vs. Serial Based programmes

4 1

Insight Film based programs dominate non-prime time band whereas serials dominate prime time band
Your Take Away For non-prime time band, it is a good idea to place advertisements in film-based programmes

5. Late Night Watchlist: Rural vs. Urban

Urban Vs Rural

Insight Rural youth usually watches serials during late-night hours while youth in megacities spends late-night hours watching reality shows
Your Take Away Specific programmes can be targeted during late-night hours to target rural and urban youth

6. The effectiveness of Youth Genre Programmes

Youth Genre

Insight Youth genre programmes have the highest reach in megacities but relatively low Average Time Spent Viewing.
Your Take Away Advertisers should not depend on youth genre programmes only but consider other genres too

7.  Devotional Channels: The unusual suspect

Devotional Channels

Insight The ATS for devotional channels is higher among youth in mega cities as compared to youth in rural/cities
Your Take Away Advertisers should consider devotional programmes too to target youth in megacities

8. High involvement Ad sectors

High Involvement Ad Sectors

Insight Auto, durables, Internet Services & E-commerce are popular ad categories for urban youth as compared to rural youth
Your Take Away TV Advertising is a good method to reach urban youth for the abovementioned sectors

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Disclaimer: All the data mentioned in the article is provided by BARC India and is in public domain. The Media Ant doesn’t claim ownership of the facts and figures presented in the article.


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