Dissecting Crex Sport’s Campaigns 2023

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Product/ Service 

Crex is one of the highest-rated cricket apps, which provides viewers with non-stop cricket updates along with stats and figures.

What was Crex’s Target Audience?

Crex did 3 campaigns in 3 different cricket events of 2023. Each campaign’s target audience is mentioned below:

  • India vs Afg series – The target audience was individuals interested in cricket.
  • India Vs Eng Series – Similar target audience as India Vs Afg series.
  • IPL – The target demographic included individuals below 30 years of age, predominantly male, PAN India.

What was the Geography Covered by Crex’s campaign?

 Each campaign covered a specific geographical area:

  • India vs Afg series – pan India
  • India Vs Eng Series – pan india      
  • IPL- For this campaign, the focus was on the key markets which have the highest user base of the app. Covering the following cities- Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Indore, Jaipur, Kolkata,Pune, Patna, Varanasi and Delhi NCR.

Elaborate the Summary of the campaign?

Crex wanted to Increase the awareness amongst their TG for the year 2024 so we crafted a strategy so that we are consistently present throughout the major cricket tournaments this year.

India Vs Afghanistan Series

Firstly we Started with the Bilateral Series India Vs Afghanistan which was of 3 Matches, since Crex was not a household name we wanted to start this campaign with an Impact so we took a featured property of Super Six- everytime a Six was hit our Squeeze ups ads were shown in CTV, Web & Mobile. These 3 matches gave us a good reach and created a curiosity in the minds of the people about Crex.

India Vs England Series

We followed up this campaign with another campaign to build the reach further by advertising India Vs England Series. We took Fence Ads which are visible to people who are watching the ad in a Vertical format since they are more interested in Stats, Figures and Chatting during a live match which is the core audience of Crex.

Indian Premier League 2024

When the curiosity around Crex had been built and people recalled the brand name, we launched the Main Campaign on IPL which was a Mix of Videos ads to do the storytelling about the brand accompanied by Squeeze ups which maximize the reach. For this campaign Crex onboarded Shikhar Dhawan amplifying the reach further and creating a positive synergy with the brand.

What was the approach taken for the campaigns?

  • Approach for India vs Afg & India vs England Series – As the user base of JioCinema aligns with the target audience Crex aims to reach, we devised a continuous strategy of Cricket Events. We commenced with the launch of Squeeze Ups during the India-Afghanistan Series, covering Pan India to create a significant impact. Following this, for sustained engagement, we implemented Fence ads during the India-England Series. Fence ads are strategically positioned to target individuals interested in stats and figures, which aligns with Crex’s core target demographic. 
  • In IPL – IPL campaign focussed on key markets and incorporated elements such as Mid Rolls and Squeeze Ups featuring their Brand Ambassador, Shikhar Dhawan.

Any innovative technique used regarding creative design or execution? Please specify

  • India Vs Afghanistan Series – Since Crex is focused on sports updates, during the India vs Afghanistan series, we leveraged Super 6’s, displaying Crex ads whenever a six was hit. This strategy created synergy with the brand. 
  • IPL – For the IPL, we associated Crex with Shikhar Dhawan, known as the Gabbar of Cricket on the ground, positioning Crex as the Gabbar of Cricket off the ground for score updates and stats.

Elaborate on the idea or concept – how the idea was formulated/ what was the insight behind developing the concept.

The idea was to create impact and sustain engagement throughout the year. To achieve this, we initiated campaigns during bilateral series to attain maximum reach within a limited budget. Subsequently, we continued with continuous campaigns to aid recall and maintain momentum.

Highlight how the campaign message was aligned for the defined target audience.

The company used engaged audience targeting for their strategies and data result outputs to find and attract their perfect audience. They embarked on the process of carrying out the market research to find out the demographics, trends among cricket lovers, and their likes/dislikes all across India. This data facilitated the creation of highly targeted campaigns that were aligned with audience interests and emotions.

Crex India essentially performed the targeted and tailored advertisement delivery through applying the sophisticated analytics and segmentation of the viewers. Using the watch and activity level times, based on viewership behavior of their fans, they should be able to identify the moments when the fans are most responsive.

The intelligence that Crex India possessed gave them the opportunity to tactically position their L-bands and Squeeze ups ad which in turn aided in maximizing visibility and engagement. Aside from that, they did not only limit their campaigns to TV and print media but instead they went with social media because of the fact that the majority of the young people spend most of their time online.

 They then used interactive online platforms to connect with the young demographic but in this way they were sure of reaching a wide spectrum of cricket fans.

The campaign message comprised of three key points:

  • 1.Highlighting Crex as the highest-rated cricket app,
  • 2.Emphasizing the app’s utility for accessing the latest stats and figures updates,
  • 3.Encouraging users to enjoy Non-Stop Cricket.

This concise messaging aimed to communicate Crex’s core value propositions effectively, ensuring clarity and resonance with the target audience.

Elaborate on the challenges faced and what plans were laid out to overcome these challenges?

Following were some of the challenges faced by the team:

  • Our operations team was tasked with tracking all matches from the pre-match stage onwards. Given that our sponsorship involved Super 6s, and live sports are inherently dynamic, predicting the exact timing of 6s was unpredictable. Therefore, we needed to monitor instances and the frequency of ad appearances throughout the match duration.
  • Due to the JioCinema app’s restriction on taking screenshots, we had to prearrange an additional phone for screen recordings of the matches.

Elaborate on the Execution Part?

The execution part of the campaign involved the following:

  • Sharing of the analytics report with the client along with instances, views on that particular day of the match, impressions generated every time one squeeze up was exposed on the live match along with the reach data.
  • Dedicated proof of execution- drive match wise screenshots/screen recordings with the client.
  • Power BI dashboard- shared from our end for Crex, along with 3x value add delivered on the booked campaign.

Campaign Execution

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Dissecting Crex Sport's Campaigns 2023 5
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Dissecting Crex Sport's Campaigns 2023 6
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Dissecting Crex Sport's Campaigns 2023 7

Elaborate on the measurable impact created post implementation of the campaign, increase in sales / revenue/ customer base/ brand image/ brand recall, conversations etc.

  • Ind vs Afg-  A significant increase was observed in reach through Super 6’s, surpassing our initial projections by nearly threefold. This surge in reach indicates a strong resonance with the audience, highlighting the effectiveness of the Super 6’s strategy in engaging users and promoting Crex’s brand message during the India vs Afghanistan series.
  1. The campaign successfully reached 48.1 Million unique visitors who learned about Crex India through sponsorships during the series. It is therefore clear that the campaign had a good reach and managed to touch the target market as well as create mass awareness on the profitability of the banking product. The viewership was segmented into two primary platforms: Connected TV, (CTV) and household internet (HH WEB).
  1. CTV Viewership Reach: The number of viewers gained through Connected TV was approx. 1.05 crores (10.5 million).CTV means the content of the television accessed via the connected devices through the internet like smart TVs and devices known as streaming boxes or sticks. Such household exposure signifies the brand’s presence among the groups who use the internet as their entertainment source. This makes the brand’s reach high among the urban and technologist demographic.
  1. HH WEB Viewership Reach: Household Web, reached over 3.77 lakh people (37.7 million). According to HAB WEB, the internet sites bring in viewers by means of web platforms like computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, showing that the audience base of HH WEB is broader and diverse. The large number shows Crex India had a very broad audience because of its digital campaigns and thus stood out as a significant online presence.
  • IPL– The IPL campaign, featuring Shikhar Dhawan as the new face of the brand, has resulted in an increase in Google Trends and brand recall for the participating brands. Additionally, app downloads have surged, propelling Crex to the position of the No. 1 cricket app on the Play Store. Furthermore, other brands have demonstrated a high intent to advertise on the Crex app organically.
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