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200 Million Viewers Tune into JioCinema for Opening 6 IPL Matches

In IPL 2023, JioCinema was able to increase its viewership to 449 million. First of all,  they saw this success and set a target of 650 million viewers for the IPL 2024. This goal converts the streamer into a leading provider in the highly competitive sports market, while also giving it a strong reach.

A key aspect which goes a long way to JioCinema’s stellar performance is the fact that there have been no major technical glitches this year, especially as a result of the company’s well-built technological infrastructure. This augmenting serves to increase the enjoyment level of the public, therefore, the reputation of the platform gets better and high standard of service. The technical issue free case highlights the success of that many visitors and the content being broadcast live with a lot of information.

While the JioCinema’s operations have been successful, and there are some ambitious targets set for this platform, Viacom18 which is the company concerned has not disclosed anything regarding the information sought. Such a silence strategy can be part of a win-win situation whereby the organization may instead focus on internal targets and performance measurements rather than public issuance.

On the first day of IPL 2024, it is documented that JioCinema got twice more users-113 million, compared to last year’s traffic. These numbers clearly speak something about the growing importance of social media and people’s sympathy for the appeal of IPL. Similarly, the JioCinema recorded breaking 590 million video views on the day of the opening, which showed a staggering 6.60 billion minutes of total watch time. The graphs demonstrate throbbing public engagement to IPL. Moreover, these charts manifest JioCinema as the attractor in attracting and holding the viewers to stay.

The strategic improvements of JioCinema’s technological framework have clearly brought success and given the platform the ability to cover the significant boom in viewer numbers without affecting service quality. With the IPL being live sporting events where the quality and reliability with real time streaming is crucial for satisfying viewer experience, the technical robustness is quite critical.

They have also brought in some new features which are premium IPL stickers,  each pack can be  purchased at Rs.9. JioCinema has opted to provide 12 language feeds with the popular Haryanvi commentary, in the interim, roping in 18 sponsors for the tournament this year.    

IPL 2024 is not only a live viewership of the JioCinema, it is also a strategic growth story and technological resilience of JioCinema in the digital sports broadcasting sector. Things will evolve as the tourney goes by to see how JioCinema uses this momentum. Sometimes it can even achieve the target and there can be the new benchmark established in the industry. 

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