Case Study: How Rippling drove brand awareness in Banglore city through OOH Advertising

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Rippling is a human resource management company that manages employees’ payroll, benefits, devices, and apps. It is a platform that automates manual work, like onboarding new hires. In just 90 seconds, a company can set up (or disable) an employee’s payroll, health insurance, work computer, and third-party apps, like Gmail, Microsoft Office, and slack. It’s the only platform that genuinely unifies every employee system, and automates all of the administrative work.


The objective of the campaign was brand awareness.

Target Audience

The target audience of the campaign was engineers looking for jobs.


The campaign was executed in high-traffic corporate areas & entry points of Bangalore.


  • To identify those areas that have a higher probability of being populated with the campaign’s target audience and place ads according to the same.


The strategy for a campaign may be chosen by looking at specific details like-

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The campaign’s target audience 
  • Geographical areas that the campaign needs to cover

Objective: The objective was to create citywide brand awareness for Rippling in Bangalore. This meant that the brand wanted high but relevant exposure. 

The target audience of Rippling: The target audience of this campaign was engineers who could be the brand’s potential employees. This becomes a high niche audience and is not as generic as, for example, the audience for an FMCG brand.

Geography:  Rippling’s ad targeted Bangalore as it is India’s Silicon Valley and the top city for working professionals, startups, and small enterprises. Professionals occupy nearly 50% of migrant households in Bangalore. Hence, targeting Bangalore’s population would be more effective for a brand like Rippling, which caters to a very niche set of audience. The best approach would hence be to place ads in those areas that are highly populated by such people. 


By examining the aforementioned data, one can easily figure out those advertising mediums that would be the best fit for fulfilling the campaign’s needs. 

Hence, keeping the campaign’s approach in mind, we can conclude that hyperlocal outdoor advertising could prove to be the most effective medium of advertising for this campaign.

The following media platforms were hence, selected:

Bus shelters: Ads in Bus Shelters were displayed. This was done to target the influx of passengers who wait to board the bus. Bus Shelter ads are an effective way for brands to build awareness and make an impact among a wide range of hyperlocal audiences. 

Skywalks and Underpasses: Skywalk and underpass advertising ensures wide reach as well as brand recall. Passerbys, pedestrians and commuters can be targeted easily using this advertising. Skywalk advertising provides brands with opportunities to display ads that are in direct eye-level visibility for people using the road. Hence giving greater overall exposure.

What made this outdoor advertising campaign unique?

The creatives used by the brand were minimal and had big bold sentences which caught the attention of the hyperlocal audience that the brand was trying to target.  The idea was to make ads that were gripping and impactful that could capture the reader’s attention within seconds and at the same time effectively establish the campaign’s objective. 


The primary objective of the campaign was to increase awareness regarding Rippling in the city and encourage engineers in Bangalore to be a part of it.

The use of outdoor modes of advertising like bus shelters, underpasses, and skywalks helped them to reach the target audience around the city. The campaign had a huge impact and the conversion rate was good for the brand as it covered most of the high-visibility areas of the city. 

Campaign Execution Images

Rippling Ooh Advertisement Executed By The Media Ant
Rippling Ooh Advertisement Executed By The Media Ant
Rippling Ooh Advertisement Executed By The Media Ant
Rippling Ooh Advertisement Executed By The Media Ant
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