Book Missing Person Ad in Newspaper

Book Missing Person Ads In Newspaper

Missing person ad in newspaper

When this happens, the first thing to do is lodge a first information report (FIR) with the appropriate police station and collect a copy of the FIR. Submitting a photocopy of the FIR is essential for publishing a missing person advertisement.

Once you have a copy of the FIR you need to submit it to the newspaper organization where you’re willing to place your advertisement. There are a few steps that need to be followed for placing a missing person ad in the newspaper.

Steps to book a missing person advertisement in the newspaper:

  1. Choose the newspaper in which you want to place an ad.
  2. Select ad type (text or classified display) and location.
  3. Choose the package, edit the advertisement with our details and check the preview.
  4. Select the date of publication.
  5. Make the payment and confirm your ad booking.

Types of missing person advertisements:

  1. A missing person classified text ad: It is only text and appears in the classified section of the newspaper. Classified text ads are the cheapest and simplest form of text advertising; at extra cost, these can be enhanced with background color, border, or bold text. Depending on the newspaper, the amount is calculated based on the word limit.
  2. A missing person classified display ads: These differ slightly from text-classified advertising. As the name implies, they have a picture that appears in the advertisement to make it more enticing. The possibilities of conversion with classified display advertisements are high, and the cost of purchasing a classified display ad spot is still reasonable when compared to the ROI. These ads are charged on a per square centimeter basis of the space covered.
  3. Missing person display ads: Display ads are the most expensive ads as there is no restriction to the size, page, or position on a page. These advertisements are massive and can take up a whole page of a newspaper.

Newspaper Ad Format for Missing Advertisement

There are a few steps that one needs to follow for writing a missing person advertisement in a newspaper

  1. Must have the title “MISSING” in capital letters.
  2. Must include the name, age, and height of the person.
  3. The person’s description must be included.
  4. Any type of identification mark, including a birthmark, can be used.
  5. Must include the place where the person was last seen.

Examples of Missing Advertisement in Newspaper

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(Image source: Performdigi)



How do you write an advertisement for a missing person?

The recommended ad format which needs to be followed-

{name},{age}, {height}, {complexion}, wearing {dress description}, missing from {day of missing} at {time}. Founder may contact: {contact details of the advertiser}

(Source: Times of India)

How do you publish ad in a newspaper for a missing person?

In order to publish an ad in a newspaper you need to book ad space in a newspaper, and the best way to go for it is to contact a media agency that will provide you with ad space and will also give you several options, based on cost, geography, type, etc.

The best agency to go with is The Media Ant, with over 10+ years of experience in the market it will provide you with best services.


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