Does advertising in Facebook work?

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As a Facebook advertising agency dealing with first time advertisers, I am asked few questions quite often:

  1. Does Advertising on Facebook really work for small companies?
  2. How to start advertising on Facebook?
  3. How much advertising on Facebook would cost?

While you can find the answer to 3rd question at Facebook Advertising Cost, the blog post below would help answer the first two questions.


When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, he himself did not know what revolutionary change he is going to bring for the upcoming generation. It`s like a life-time policy (Zindagi k saath bhi; zindagi k baad bhi). Recently, I have seen advertisement on Facebook regarding the need of a particular blood group for someone admitted in SGPS, Lucknow. Relatives from all around use their contacts and arranged it on time. Thanks to Facebook who made it possible in a short span of time.

Advertising and Facebook are like siblings now. They are walking hand in hand. You simply think about any xyz product and I am sure you are going to get it`s Facebook page. Be it a brand you wear or a chocolate you eat or a place you visited last weekend. Everything is present on Facebook. The moment you press the like button; directly or in directly you are promoting that particular product on the behalf of its company. All your friends are going to get a message that you have liked this page and now they are going to either visit that page or like it as well. This is how advertisement works on Facebook.

Advertising on Facebook has become a trend now. Suppose, you are a budding star, or, an entrepreneur, or, a simple home maker who wants to take tutorial classes in her free hours. One thing which everyone will suggest you is….. What???  “Do you have a Facebook account?” Advertisement on Facebook has its own advantages; let`s see what are they:

  1. A negligible amount has to be paid: YES!!! You heard me correct! The first thing which comes in your mind, when you think about putting advertisement is “fees”. The number of Facebook users in India alone has climbed to 125 million. Now, you can take out an estimate yourself. The amount you are paying and the number of people you are reaching. You can consider it as almost free instead.  It is the most live platform to promote any of your belongings nowadays. For reaching out 125 million of your countrymen, if you are paying 1000 or even 1250; it almost seems to be negligible. So, pay with a smile buddy!
  2. Worldwide Impact: Facebook users are worldwide. As I said earlier, if we talk about India, there are 125 million users. Globally, there are 1.44 billion monthly active users. It means when you are giving advertisement on Facebook, you are connecting to national as well as international users. Advertisement on Facebook knows no bounds. More is the number of users; more is the probability to do business.
  3. Access to diverse people: About India, we often say, India is a country of unity in diversity. Variety can be seen all around. Different kinds of people with different mind sets and different needs live at one pace and make this place so different from other countries. Through the medium of Facebook, you can reach to all those diverse people in just one click! Suppose, you are advertising for some kids product. Kids are not on Facebook. True!!! But, those who will shop for them, are there; with their mobile phones in their hands.
  4. Instant Feedback: Facebook has blessed us with the feature of “COMMENT”!!! Comment is nothing but an instant feedback. Either your product is good or bad. You will get to know sooner not later. Earlier, there was only one option of “LIKE”; now, you can express yourself more precisely with the help of different emotions symbols. In the comment section, they can easily write good and bad things about your product and after sales service. In case they have any queries or complaints regarding your product; they can give their feedback in the comment section. Their review does matters a lot for the other new buyers as well.
  5. More Creative; More audience: The more you show your creativeness; more is the audience you attract.  Apart from writing captions and uploading images, what is that one thing which is attracting more to the audience? Video! Yes, videos are in trend nowadays. You must have seen videos of the models, showcasing their attires, on sites like Myntra and Jabong. Earlier, we use to choose our dresses by seeing their images. Whereas, now we tap to see the video. It is making our shopping experience more enjoyable.
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