Is advertising in autos a right choice?

Auto Advertising


While travelling in the green autos of Delhi, my favourite time pass is looking at the wonderful ads on the back of the auto, on the hoods and many a times there are ads inside the autos too. These auto ads range from selling gold for Mannapuram to invest in Reliance and to hiring a cab in Uber. I always wondered, does it really make sense to advertise in autos and especially in a city like Delhi where there are DTC buses, Delhi Metro and many similar transit advertising options. I asked one of the drivers, why do people put ads on autos and does it really work for them? After listening to the answer from the auto driver who had been plying autos in Delhi for quote sometime, I kicked myself for not seeing something so obvious. The reasons were:

  1. Cheap – Auto advertising is cheaper than most of the other similar options like buses and metros
  2. Small investment – Unlike a metro or bus, where an advertiser needs to put at least a few lakhs to make an impact, auto advertising can be implemented for amount as low as Rs 10,000. In a city like Delhi, if by spending Rs 10K, one can advertise, it is a steal. You can get the rates for auto advertising in Delhi by clicking Cost of Advertising in Auto Delhi
  3. Geographical Targeting – As autos ply within a certain geography (at least most of their trips if not all), a brand looking for local targeting, auto advertising is awesome. So now one can target only South Delhi or Chandni Chowk.

In case you are interested in advertising in autos anywhere in India, you will find this link helpful – Auto Advertising in India

There are few interesting ads that I found on autos in Delhi and other cities. I hope you will like them too.


Auto Advertising


Auto Advertising In Delhi


Advertisement On Auto


Auto Ads 500X500



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