Will Tubelight be Bahubali enough for advertisers?

Tubelight Advertising Rate

Karan Johar once famously quipped, Eid release is owned by Salman. While it upset other Bollywood biggies, Karan was certainly quoting data. A cursory look at the box office collection, and Bhai proves his worth.

(Box office collection in INR Million)

Tubelight Cinema Advertising

2017 Eid release, “Tubelight” is slated to hit the screens on 23rd of June. Falling of Eid on a Sunday/Monday might dampen the collection a bit, but nevertheless, the theatres are expected to go house full over next few weeks.

Bahubali saw not only record box office collections, but also a record number of advertisers placing ads in theatres running the movie. Since then, the cinema advertising has been muted with no big release. Salman’s Tubelight provides the advertisers to again reach out to their audiences when the cinemas are running house full.  Rates for advertising in Tubelight is expected to be on the same line as previous blockbuster. While brands looking to advertise during Tubelight, will feel a pinch to the their pockets due to advertising premium being charged, the high turnout and association with a hit movie like Tubelight will more than make up for it.

If you are planning to book space in cinema during Tubelight, you would find these tips handy:

  1. Place your ads during interval
  2. Request the cinema theatres to place ads closer to the start or end of interval
  3. Check if discounts are available for long term booking
  4. Book in advance to ensure best rates

As an advertiser you might be wondering if it is worth paying the premium to advertise in Cinema during Salman’s Tubelight. Or pondering, if Bhai’s luck would run out this Eid, the chart below might give you some indication.

If the number of Youtube views of Salman Tubelight’s official trailer is any indication, the movie is going to be very close to Sultan in terms of number of people viewing it. Advertising in Tubelight cinema theatres would work only if shows run housefull and Youtube indicates, it would.

With still 3 weeks to go for the release, projected Youtube views for Tubelight are comparable to that of Sultan and is already close to the total views of Kick’s trailer.  If we correlate views to collections, Tubelight collection will hit north of 600 Crores. Cinema advertising in Salman Tubelight is going to an advertiser’s delight.

Youtube Views of Official Trailer (Million Views)


Tubelight Salman Cienma Advertising Rate


Planning to advertise in Cinema theatres running Salman’s Tubelight? Looking for advertising rates to play ad in theatres playing Tubelight? Check out the rate Here. Select your geography and cinema chain to get best rates.

Rates are available to advertise in chains like PVR, Inox, Big, Cinepolis and others during Tubelight. You can also mail your query to help@TheMediaAnt.com



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