6 Practical strategies to attract traffic to your new online store

Marketing Ideas For New Online Store

If you’re planning to start up an online store, the foremost thing you ought to be thinking about how to drive more visitors to your store. Since we all know it takes a lot of effort in building a store that would become everybody’s favorite in the long run. Right from logistics to tying up with the wholesalers, every step is challenging. And the most challenging step is to get good profits by driving potential customers and giving the best products and services to the new ones. If you too are looking for some actionable strategies, follow these simple and quick ways to kick start your business

Make a dedicated website

Since your business is in its inception, the first thing you ought to be doing is to make a dedicated website that would contain product information, about us page, help and contact page and so on. Also, keep a page for the promotional offers as people like to get frugal while shopping. Also, make the website in such a manner which is user-friendly and more readable. Doing this, there are a lot of chances that people would get more engaged with your website.

Update your website regularly

Well, doing this would make your customers try their hands on the fresh stock that you’ve just loaded in. The search engine also favors websites that have fresh and recently added content. The hack here is to choose a web hosting service that allows you to update your site often. However, as soon as your business progresses, you can also look for hiring an SEO expert.

Link building

You can use your blog to link to your website and along with that, you can also look for building links in your newsletter subscriptions. Your main goal is to build traffic to your website so that you show up higher in the search rankings. You should also create accounts on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ and YouTube and add a link to all the content across the digital platforms that you’re using. You can also comment on the local news site with a link that directs to your site. However, you can also make the use of all those sites which can give you a link that lands onto your own website.

Invest in professional web designing and content writing

A haphazard appearance of a website would definitely not please the viewers. Therefore you must invest in hiring professional web designers and content writers. You must be thinking how? Hiring a professional would improve the quality and relevance of your website and make it more visible, both which can help you in achieving a higher position in the search result.

Don’t always write we

Make sure that the words you use to put to your website pages, offers and valuable information to visitors are carefully selected. Describe your answers and solutions in such a way that is positioned carefully and is easy for the visitor to understand. Use ‘we’ sparingly and ‘you’ most of the times.

Submit your blogs to the third party

Submit your blogs and contents to an authoritative third party source of related information. Local news websites, industry related blogs, online communities etc are a great platform to re-post links to your blog articles and build links to your website.

Always remember that to run a good business, you need to be very aggressive in promoting it. However, one must understand that there is no easy and quick way to get traffic unless and until you pay for it. Along with the promotions, you need to provide good products and services to the customers.

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