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Who is a social media influencer?

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One can be called an influencer on the basis of the following:

Social Media has evolved into a virtual representation of the real world. While everyone has a voice in the real world, social media is a platform that awards everyone a power to express. There are many people who are willing to use the social media platforms to express themselves but might lack the expertise. In these scenarios, they often follow and borrow content from some other social media users who are experts in their fields or are very popular among the audience. These social media users with high number of followers are known as social media influencers.

When the above definition is translated into social media terms, social media influencers are people having a huge number of followers (usually, the number of followers can be less in case of niche domains) who regularly engage with the influencers’ social media content. These people can be one of the three:

Celebrities like popular actors, politicians, sports personalities, journalists, designers etc who are popular offline and their fans follow them to their social media accounts as well.

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Content creators who are popular among social media users on the basis of their engaging content online

Who Is A Social Media Influencer? 5

Experts in niche fields who are followed by people for opinion, trends, reviews and tips.

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How can one classify these social media influencers?

There are a few ways to categorize the social media influencers, like based on the number of followers or type of content, type of influence, based on product categories etc but the most common categorization of the social media influencers is based on the number of followers. Although there is no clear range of number of followers that define each of these influencer types, following are the tiers as defined by Influencer Marketing Hub.

Another way to define a social media influencer may be that based on content format.

Social Media Influencers can also be defined based on the content platforms as well:

And many more.

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