Viacom18 signs multi year strategic deal with Moloco for Ad serving on JioCinema

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Advertising is one of the key modules for revenue generation on streaming platforms and to streamline the process of Ad serving Viacom18 has signed a multiyear strategic partnership deal with Moloco. A 449 million cricket viewers watched Tata IPL on JioCinema from March to May 2023 which targeted ads to a peak concurrent viewership of 32M users which was served by Moloco.

JioCinema is expecting similar results and also aiming for growth this year. This partnership will definitely help the streaming giant to focus more on growth in terms of viewership and majorly convert it to Ad revenue.

Moloco streaming monetization revolutionizes streaming service’s revenue strategies, fostering profitable growth. Working in tandem with streaming platforms, Moloco emphasizes price-driven decision-making and outcome optimization to maximize ad impression value. This enterprise software solution enables streaming services to restructure their content and media monetization approaches effectively, ensuring enhanced profitability in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

In the midst of a worldwide increase in streaming video consumption and the challenges of ad delivery during live events, the collaboration between Moloco and industry leaders such as JioCinema offers a promising path for innovation. Their collective goal is to deliver engaging advertisements while guaranteeing profitable returns for advertisers. This partnership harnesses cutting-edge technology to optimize ad delivery, ensuring a compelling viewing experience and maximizing revenue opportunities.

Leveraging Moloco’s decade-long expertise in advertising technology, they have developed an ad serving solution tailored for JioCinema, ensuring scalability and improved user experiences, particularly during peak usage periods. Sunil Rayan, Moloco’s Chief Business Officer, expresses his enthusiasm for partnering with industry leaders such as JioCinema to enhance their performance advertising capabilities. 

Looking ahead to the monumental Tata IPL 2024 event, Rayan anticipates a significant opportunity to engage millions of viewers and generate measurable value for advertisers. This forward-thinking approach underscores Moloco’s commitment to driving impactful results in the streaming media landscape.

Akash Saxena, CPTO of JioCinema, stated that “By using Moloco’s advanced algorithms and highly optimized ad serving infrastructure, we were able to deliver ads to 32M viewers concurrently during Tata IPL 2023 and offer new monetization opportunities to our advertisers.”

Speaking on the announcement, Siddharth Jhawar, Moloco’s General Manager for India, said, “India’s 700 million digital population has shown a growing preference for consuming video content online. As streaming platforms scale and look for more monetization opportunities, Moloco Streaming Monetization can help them grow profitably.”

This partnership will definitely help JioCinema in many ways, more importantly Moloco brings in the expertise of Ad serving which is the most important aspect in  view of JioCinema as they are expecting a grand season of IPL 2024 with that revenue from Ads will also be something which JioCinema will focus.

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