TMA 1Oth anniversary- An Idea Then, A Trend Now.

Where were you in your personal and professional journey 10 years ago? If we ask you this question, you would probably go back to your college days, bitter-sweet memories of first salary, first success, first failure, major life event and what not. But if you ask us, 10 years to us is not only an important milestone but is like an era gone.

Like a fictional fairy tale that starts with the words- “Once Upon A Time”, we would also like to commence our 10th year anniversary with this hackneyed phrase because it’s not just a number to us but a beginning of a saga that will continue for years to come, adding new chapters every year.

Every story with a happy ending begins in a time that is marked by evil. In the consumer world, what does evil means? Inconvenience, lack of transparency, high rates, high waiting time, biased treatment?

10 years ago, we made an attempt to change this forever for media buying and the rest is history. Just like it is hard to imagine a time without online delivery and cab hailing services, it is impossible now to think of making innumerous follow ups just to get the correct advertising rates, thanks to The Media Ant and their partners.

Hence, to commemorate this victory over the evils of the ad world and to celebrate this idea (of making ad buying process easy and transparent) becoming a trend, we have written a poem in honor of this journey that is challenging, thrilling yet fulfilling and rewarding.

Read it below-

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