How TCS iON Used Digital Ads To Generate Leads For Their Courses

Case Study On E-Learning Platform

Brand Introduction 

TCS iON is a unit of Tata Consultancy Services which is focused on providing cloud-based services to small and medium business enterprises, educational institutions, and examination boards. TCS iON also provides several courses to its employees/trainees for their enhancement. 

Campaign Objective

  • Brand Awareness
  • Generate leads for its different segments 

Target Audience

  • Engineering aspirants
  • College Students


  • PAN India 


  • Select platforms frequently visited by the college students. 


While selecting the advertising platforms on the basis of the objective, these were the few factors that were considered:

  • College students or the students who are preparing to take admissions in engineering colleges are in the age group of 16-24, and require aspirants to stay updated with news across industries, countries and fields. 
  • Most of the engineering college students prefer educational websites to learn their subjects and new things. 
  • Students usually prefer digital entertainment sources to keep themselves entertained amidst their study breaks, hence the entertainment platforms which are commonly visited by students would be relevant. 
  • Influencers play a main role in students’ lives, hence the people who share the valuable information in the educational sector would give more value to the target audience. 
  • TCSion is a digital platform, hence targeting users already present on digital medium would be more effective
  • Platforms that offer the option to target the audience based on age would help the brand filter out the relevant audience 


Keeping the approach in mind, based on the experience and past campaign executions, following digital advertising platforms were suggested:

  1. Educational Portals– Engineering college students or the people who are preparing for the college mostly follow the educational portals to prepare for the exams and stay updated with their preferred subjects. Hence, educational platforms are one of the best mediums to reach out to the students and generate leads.  Some of the popular educational portals that are commonly visited by engineering students are- Pagalguy, GREprepclub, CrackVerbal,, Quora specified search. 
  1. Inshorts– Not only Inshorts is the top-visited news content platform in India but it also has a high reach among students who are preparing for competitive exams and want to keep themselves updated about the current affairs and trends without getting into details. Inshorts also allow geography and age targeting hence helping the advertiser reach out to the right kind of audience.
  1. Gaana– Young audience especially students have a high affinity for audio OTT platforms since music helps them focus on studies and Gaana is one of the most popular audio streaming platforms in India. Listeners spend almost 63 minutes per day on Gaana (Kantar). Owing to the high engagement rate, Gaana is one of the best platforms to reach out to the students with eye-catching banner ads. 
  1. Hotstar– Hotstar is one of the most popular videos OTT platforms in India with a reach of almost 400 Mn, also it’s one of the most visited platforms for students as most of the students prefer digital entertainment sources over traditional TV or Radios to keep themselves engaged and entertained. Also, Hotstar has advanced targeting options such as Geo, interest, and age which makes it more effective for the brand to reach out to the target audience accordingly. 
  1. Influencer Marketing– Influencer marketing is, nowadays, considered as one of the most reliable forms of advertising. It works like the traditional word of mouth marketing wherein the people you follow encourages you to use the product/service that could benefit you. In the educational sector, students look for trustable people who could guide them or could provide tips and tricks to help them with the subjects or exams. Hence reaching out to the relevant influencers on different social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter helped the brand with enhancing customer acquisition. 

Campaign Execution

Here’s are some of the informative and engaging images that TCS iON came up with for the campaign execution:


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