Lead Generation for TankhaPay through Performance Marketing 

Case Study 2

About the Brand

TankhaPay, the latest innovation in workforce management software, is developed with a focus on automation of complex business activities such as pay option, attendance monitoring and social safety benefits. TankhaPay begins its journey as a social security provider. I;ts business has, however, expanded into the development of a multipurpose tool that helps businesses automate some of their workforce management processes thereby facilitating attainment of efficiency and compliance through the use of technology.

Target Audience

The initial primary target market of Tankha payment platform is traders between ages 30 – 45 from Hindi belt of North India, which is majority of contributors in the economy. The large part of this generation belongs to the more or less wealthy people willing to invest in practical and effective solutions to provide a better working environment management.

Campaign Goals

The main purpose of the brand awareness campaign by TankhaPay was to get the names of the product in the list of decisions from business people while making a purchase. Through the focus on the stated audience TankhaPay was being marketed as a brand that is the number one choice to deal with workforce management and was assessed as the one that should remain in the memory of target users.


TankhaPay, starting with the niche provision of social security amenities, experienced a major inconvenience along the process of the shift to mainstream working force operations management software.

  • To move from a maker of the small-scale social insurance provider software to a proprietor of the full-scale workforce management software solution.
  • Initially focus on private companies and gradually widen the circle to policy makers and other social organizations in the manufacturing sector of the country, and this is done by the spacecraft traveling around the specific countries.
  • Positioning and marketing campaigns are essential when an organization is launching into the competitive market as a new player, and these matters should be adequately understood and addressed.
  • Getting a cheap lead-per-cost dollar and a high quality rate that stays within a certain budget sent to the startup, and that is super important when it comes to its sustainability and growth.
  • Targeting an explicitly limited and, at once, meticulously customized segment of the market efficiently which might demand more accurate and targeting marketing campaigns.


To overcome these challenges, TankhaPay implemented several strategic measures:

  • Through buying in for third party data from Vserv- the online marketing firm- the Bank’s digital payment product was able to widen its reach and develop its marketing efforts.
  • The campaign time has had audience segmentation thru mapping with initially focus on business owners and then followed with the key decision-makers in manufacturing sectors then specific geographical locations.
  • The campaigning was always seized through optimization of it to ensure the proper budget way was followed, focussed on platforms like Meta, Google and LinkedIn where this target group frequents most.


The campaign ran for 11 months with a budget of 2.6 million INR and successfully generated:

  • Total Leads: 10,000
  • Cost per Lead: Rs. 253
  • Total Qualified Leads (QL): 1,482
  • Cost per Qualified Lead: Rs. 1,800
  • Qualification Rate: 20%

These results highlight the effectiveness of TankhaPay’s targeted and data-driven approach in engaging a niche audience and converting interest into tangible leads.


Apart from the expanding market presence, TankhaPay marketing effort has ensured that the brand also enumerates as being trusted and a viable solution for the workforce management. Roaming around different sections of the market, TankhaPay is about to become a familiar name in the slot, strengthening its hold and achieving long-term stability. This case study exhibits clarity that can be found in a targeted and adjustable strategy that can be turned into fortunes from deserts.

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