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We think it is time for you to get set and be a part of the T20 World Cup 2024, don’t you think? Therefore, as the clock ticks closer to the day, it is not only the intense cricketing battles that fans and viewers are looking forward to, but the marvelous display which sponsors and advertisers are also set to stage at this world cricket carnival. This is not a simple cricket match, it is a grand bazaar of products and personalities, in which flagship products and services score the maximum number of runs to please millions of people across the globe. Take a look at the sponsors that are set to create an exciting display of strategic positioning and thrilling campaigns!

Premier Sponsorship

1. Emirates:

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Emirates airlines is a widely respected airline based in Dubai, and have been official partners of the ICC since the year 2002. Stepping up the association in 2007, the airline also became the title sponsor of the ICC’s panel of umpires and referees which it supported through 2015. Subsequently, the partnership was extended and in 2016 signed a long-term agreement that will be valid to 2023. Since 2024 there has been even more advancement with the help of this partnership as Emirates comes up as a Premium Partner for the ICC T20 World Cup. This is not the first time Emirates is supporting cricket over long periods of time, it is beneficial to both the parties as it helps the airline establish a global brand reach and also helps in the promotion of cricket across the world.

2. Aramco:

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The oil and chemicals major based in Saudi Arabia, Aramco has expanded its role in cricket from a Global Partner to the Premier Partner of the International Cricket Council starting 2024. Aramco initially signed up in October 2022 and has recently evolved with an agreement to contribute through the end of 2027. This association supports Aramco sports marketing policies so that the company can achieve the strategic global identity and recognition in different parts of the world. As an event Premier Partner of the ICC, Aramco will have its branding involved in all the ICC events, thus branding at the international level and reaching a global audience.

3. DP World:

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Emerging from a Dubai-based global logistics firm, DP World was named an official ICC partner at the global level in the year 2020 and was later raised to the status of Premier Partner in the year of 2023. This partnership with DP World also shows the latter organization’s huge involvement in organizing sports events around the world, including the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. This long-term partnership through to 2027 amplifies DP World’s significant role in logistical support and the delivery of successful international cricket events and further strengthens the brand association of DP World as a bespoken global end to end solutions provider.

Global Partnership

1. Coca-Cola:

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The world’s leading beverage company, Coca-Cola, has further strengthened its links to the realm of cricket by joining the ICC as a partner, a new deal that will begin in 2019 and extend for the next five years. This action plan lets Coca-Cola access a diverse and wide audience base through significant cricket events like the T20 as well as the other World Cups. The sponsorship showcases coca cola’s interest in marketing the company’s products, and in the same way, making the fans have a worthwhile session full of entertaining activities. In that case, by associating with such a widely popularized sport, Coca-Cola ensures increased coverage of its market coverage and the enhancement of its brand status as an influential sports sponsor on the global level. This is a clear indication of how world sports and international brands complement one another in an effort to share on the benefits that arise. 

2. IndusInd Bank:

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Another large banking and financial service provider, IndusInd of Bank, furthered the relationship between its organization and cricket through a new deal for becoming a Global Partner for the ICC in 2023. It is a deal of multiple years covering major cricketing cricket leagues up to the level of World Cup so that it can get connected to a huge pool of audience. It benefits the bank by chasing and creating special attractive and appealing programs that add value to the entire enjoyable dramatic cricketing event for fans, clients and its employees. These initiatives not only increase the brand awareness but also enhance the customer bonding through the approach where the cricketing tournaments of the world get coupled with the special banking offers and the way fans get engaged.

Official Partnership

1. Near Foundation:

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The Near Foundation has quite notably impacted its role within the sporting sphere by partnering with the International Cricket Council (ICC) as far as the Near platform is concerned as the official blockchain partner since 2023. This partnership recalls the interconnectivity of Web 3. 0 technologies into cricket intending on improving fans’ understanding and appreciation of cricket through state of the art digital features. An important activity within the framework of this partnership is the establishment of a pre-match strategy battle that combines the use of Blockchain technologies to optimize the entertainment for fans. This move not only creates new uses for blockchain beyond its original blockchain associations but also paves the road to a new form of fan engagement in international sporting events.

2. FanCraze:

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FanCraze is a unique concept based upon cricket connected digital assets or what are better known as Crictos. Originally announced in conjunction with the International Cricket Council (ICC) in January 2022, it has signaled a new trend of embedding Web3 principles directly into sports supporter culture. Bound to revolutionize the way fans interact with cricket, FanCraze lets people own and sell digital collectibles that are NFTs of key highlights in the sport. In May 2024 to power its international expansion and new products, including the ICC Crictos SuperTeam, a fantasy game with officially licensed ICC digital collectibles offered an engaging and immersive in-game experience for cricket fans globally.

Social Responsibility

ICC Cricket for Good

The concept is engaged under the brand “ICC Cricket for Good” that began its implementation in 2015 in collaboration with UNICEF – social signs involve the use of cricket because it is arguably the most global sport. This program is designed to enable and enhance the living standards of children and families globally through provision of basic needs such as adequate nutrition, hygiene, medical treatment and schooling. In particular, it is to be launched via cricket, a game that could greatly benefit from such a message and has the potential to inspire the targeted groups, primarily in the least privileged settings. It demonstrates how cricket and its counterparts can not be mere entertainers but can be agents of positive change when needed through the different campaigns and collaborations of “Cricket for Good”.

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