Dissecting Shriram Finance World Cup 2023 Campaign with Disney+Hotstar

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Shriram Finance is a leading financial institution in India, specializing in providing a wide range of financial products and services, including business loans and EMI solutions. With a strong presence across the country, Shriram Finance caters to diverse customer needs and aims to enhance financial inclusion and support business growth.


Shriram Finance’s primary goal was to increase brand visibility and drive interest in its business loan and EMI services among potential customers during the World Cup 2023 matches on Hotstar.


Pan India

Target Audience

The campaign targeted a nationwide audience, focusing on both male and female viewers aged 30 and above, aligning with the cricket fervor and leveraging Hotstar’s extensive reach for maximum impact.

Ad Options Utilized by Shriram Finance to Engage Their Ideal Audience

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Dissecting Shriram Finance World Cup 2023 Campaign With Disney+Hotstar 4

L-Bands: Shriram Finance strategically employed customized L-Bands as a key ad option to engage with their ideal audience during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar. These L-Bands were strategically positioned during live matches to capture an involved audience at critical moments in the games. By leveraging L-Bands, Shriram Finance effectively focused viewers’ attention on their brand message, ensuring maximum visibility and impact among cricket enthusiasts tuning in to Hotstar.

Midroll Ads: In addition to L-Bands, Shriram Finance also utilized midroll ads as a crucial ad option to engage with their ideal audience during the World Cup matches. Midroll ads were strategically placed during breaks or pauses in the live content, such as cricket matches, when viewers are highly engaged and less likely to skip or ignore ads. This strategic placement ensured that Shriram Finance’s brand messages and offerings received maximum attention and were remembered by the audience, enhancing brand visibility and recall among viewers.

How Did Shriram Finance Increase Brand Visibility Through the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar?

Shriram Finance employed a strategic approach to boost its brand visibility during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar, utilizing both customized L-Bands and midroll ads strategically positioned during live matches. These ad formats were designed to capture the attention of an engaged audience at critical moments of the matches, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. By aligning with such popular sporting events, Shriram Finance maximized viewership counts and engagement scores, thereby significantly enhancing its brand presence.

What Strategies Did Shriram Finance Use to Identify & Engage Their Target Audience?

Shriram Finance leveraged the popularity of cricket and the World Cup matches on Hotstar to effectively reach and engage its target audience. The use of custom-made L-Bands and midroll ads played a crucial role in focusing viewers’ attention during live matches, especially during important game turns. This strategic move ensured that the brand’s message reached its intended audience, increasing interest in Shriram Finance’s business loan and EMI services among viewers.

Can Association of Shriram Finance with World Cup 2023 Lead to Interest among Customers?

The association of Shriram Finance with the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar has proven to be highly effective in generating interest among customers. The campaign’s outstanding performance, achieving 3.9 times the planned deliveries with over 352 million impressions, indicates a significant level of engagement and visibility among the target audience. This increased brand visibility, combined with strategic placement during key match moments, has resulted in heightened brand recall and interest in Shriram Finance’s offerings. The campaign’s success in targeting both male and female viewers across India underscores the impact of leveraging popular sporting events to drive customer interest and engagement in financial services.


Shriram Finance’s World Cup 2023 campaign on Hotstar yielded exceptional results, surpassing its planned impressions by a significant margin. With an initial target of 89.77 M planned impressions, the campaign delivered an impressive 352.6 M impressions, showcasing a delivery multiplier of 3.9 times. This outstanding performance indicates a high level of engagement and impact among the target audience, with the brand message effectively reaching a wide viewership during the cricket fervor. Shriram Finance’s strategic use of ad options such as L-Bands and midroll ads played a pivotal role in capturing the attention of cricket enthusiasts, leading to increased brand visibility and recall. Overall, the campaign’s success in exceeding planned impressions with a substantial delivery multiplier underscores its effectiveness in engaging the ideal audience and driving interest in Shriram Finance’s offerings during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar.

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