Dissecting Sangeetha’s World Cup & Asia Cup 2023 Campaign with Disney+Hotstar

Case Study 17

Product/ Service

Sangeetha Mobiles is a leading brand in the electronics industry in India. They are known for innovative mobile devices, providing exceptional customer service, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to consumers. 


Enhance Brand Visibility: Increase awareness and recognition of the brand among the target audience during the big cricket matches.

Drive Interest: Spark curiosity and interest among potential customers, encouraging them to explore Sangeetha’s product offerings.

Target Audience

The target audience of the brand were tech-savvy individuals interested in mobile devices during the World Cup and Asia Cup matches in 2023.


The campaign specifically targeted viewers in the top 8 metros of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Ad Options Utilized by Sangeetha Mobiles to Engage Their Ideal Audience:

Sangeetha Mobiles strategically chose to utilize midroll ads as the primary advertising option during the World Cup and Asia Cup 2023 matches on Disney+Hotstar. This decision was rooted in the effectiveness of midroll ads in capturing viewers’ attention during key moments of live matches, ensuring high engagement levels. Compared to pre-roll or post-roll ads, midroll ads are less intrusive and seamlessly integrated into natural breaks in the content, leading to increased viewability and absorption of the brand’s message by the audience. By leveraging midroll ads, Sangeetha Mobiles maximized the impact of their campaign, effectively communicating their brand message and showcasing their product offerings to the target audience during the peak viewership periods of the cricket tournaments.

Could the Association of Sangeetha with World Cup & Asia cup 2023 Lead to Interest among Customers?

The association of Sangeetha Mobiles with the World Cup and Asia Cup 2023 could lead to heightened interest among customers for several reasons. Firstly, cricket is immensely popular in India, and major tournaments like the World Cup and Asia Cup attract a massive audience, including both passionate cricket fans and casual viewers. By aligning its marketing efforts with these high-profile sporting events, Sangeetha Mobiles taps into the existing excitement and engagement of the audience, increasing the likelihood of capturing their attention and generating interest in the brand’s products.

Secondly, the strategic placement of midroll ads during the matches ensures that Sangeetha Mobiles’ brand message and product offerings are showcased to a highly engaged audience during breaks in the action. This targeted exposure, coupled with the prestige and visibility associated with cricket tournaments of this magnitude, can significantly impact brand recall and consideration among viewers.

Results and Impact

The combined campaign during the World Cup and Asia Cup 2023 matches on Disney+Hotstar yielded impressive results:

World Cup Campaign: 15.33 million impressions and 7.88 thousand clicks.

Asia Cup Campaign: 5.67 million impressions and 3.33 thousand clicks.

These metrics demonstrated significant reach and engagement with the target audience, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in enhancing brand visibility and driving interest among potential customers during both cricketing events.

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