OOH Innovations For Cadbury’s Maha Pack Launch

Outdoor Advertising Campaign

The launch of Mondelez’s latest chocolate variant ‘Maha Pack’ was done through a massive Outdoor Advertising campaign across 15 cities in India

The main objective of this campaign was to tell the customers that Cadbury Dairy Milk is now available in a much larger pack – the “Maha Pack”. It was targeted towards male and female consumers between the ages of 13 – 25, SEC A and B. To reach out to these audiences, Cadbury used a whole plethora of OOH media including hoardings, unipoles, gantries, pillars, train stations, metro trains and bus shelters. These mediums were used across the top 15 cities of the country including Mumbai, generating impact and reach through over 500 media units.

This massive campaign used a very interesting creative with a huge Cadbury Dairy Milk ‘Maha Pack’ held together by two sumo wrestlers on a truck. The billboard placed in Juhu, Mumbai was the most innovative as it looked like it was breaking into two because of the huge bar of chocolate.

Cadbury Maha Pack2

Cadbury Maha Pack

Cadbury Maha Pack1


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