Top 10 Most Watched Sports in India 2024

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India, a country rich in traditions and sports fervor through the years, has observed a wide spectrum of sports taste from its citizenry. While marching into the 2024 sports in India we find an intriguing trend as there is a fusion of old time interests and new era interests. The “8 Most Watched Sports in India 2024” gives an intriguing look into the sports that have won the passion and attention of an estimated number of 120 crores people in the country.

This bold move of listing is not only about the ‘taking-over’ process but also brings in the entire scenario of the rapidly changing dynamic of Indian sports industry which has been influenced by factors beyond the accessibility, media coverage or success of Indian athletes in the world sports arena. The following showcase of India’s sport culture in 2024, using cricket as its ever popular and ever dominant sport, reveals the increasing interest in football, and an inclination towards indigenous sports, blogs the status of a nation known for its diversity and enthusiasm as captured in their sport and games.

10 Most Watched Sports in India


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Cricket holds a special location in India’s heart, emerging as its maximum cherished sport. Originally delivered for the duration of British rule, it has woven itself into the cloth of Indian subculture and culture. A remarkable 93% of sports visitors in India tune in to observe cricket, showcasing its substantial reputation.

India’s cricketing panorama is huge, with around 3 million registered players and more than 19,000 tournaments ranging from neighborhood to worldwide tiers. The nation is dotted with over 2,000 academies, centers, and stadiums devoted to nurturing cricketing skills. Every metropolis boasts at least one stadium, a lot of which give pinnacle-notch education and facilities that meet worldwide requirements.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), a T20 cricket tournament, has further elevated the game’s status, drawing the arena’s greatest players and extensive worldwide media interest. Players are acquired through a public sale, with top skills commanding amazing sums. This league has appreciably boosted cricket’s media presence in India, with huge coverage throughout digital, televised, and print platforms. Consequently, cricket imagery dominates advertising, from billboards to TV advertisements, reflecting its significant role in Indian society.


Kabaddi holds the identity of being India’s 2d-maximum liked recreation, deeply rooted within the cultural material of the Indian subcontinent, mainly in India and Pakistan. This historical recreation has captivated audiences for generations, with its professional gamers gaining prominence through media exposure. In a Kabaddi in shape, two teams compete, each inclusive of twelve gamers, though best seven take the sector at any time.

The game’s popularity surged with the inception of the Pro Kabaddi League, which, in step with The Hindu, stands as the second one most-accompanied sports league in India, trailing only at the back of the enormous Indian Premier League (IPL). Remarkably, the Pro Kabaddi League’s debut season in 2014 attracted over 435 million visitors, demonstrating its big attraction in comparison to the 552 million who tuned in for the IPL.

Today, Kabaddi’s reputation as a most advantageous game in India is undisputed, reinforced via authorities’ assistance, strategic development with the aid of sports activities authorities, and the rise of the world over acclaimed gamers, showcasing the game’s evolution from a traditional activity to a professional spectacle.

Field Hockey


Field hockey holds a sizable region in India’s sports landscape, attractive to its diverse population. The game’s recognition is partially due to the sufficient open areas available for play, making it on hand across the state. Unlike cricket, hockey requires minimal device, making it less difficult for human beings to interact with. India’s hockey legacy dates back to 1855 with the status quo of its first club in Kolkata. 

Post-independence in 1947, India excelled in area hockey, clinching eight Olympic golds from 1928 to 1980, with an excellent record of 83 wins in 134 Olympic matches. Although cricket overtook hockey in popularity put up-1983, subject hockey stays loved, supported through concerted efforts from the government and sports bodies to nurture expertise and foster participation across this field ensuring its enduring presence in India’s wearing lifestyle.



Badminton, with ancient Indian origins, shares similarities with the historic battledore and shuttlecock video games, as stated by means of Britannica. It was the British, especially navy officials in Pune at some point of the 1860s, who brought the modern-day model of badminton to India. Today, it stands as certainly one of India’s most beloved sports, trailing only behind cricket, area hockey, and kabaddi in popularity. 

The sport’s governance is beneath the Badminton Association of India, which organizes tournaments at numerous stages, from neighborhood to international. The sport’s visibility and enchantment have surged, thank you in part to media merchandising and the successes of Indian gamers on the global level, inspiring a brand new generation of players. Among these, P.V. Sindhu has emerged as a beacon of excellence in badminton, substantially contributing to the game’s developing stature in India over recent years.


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Wrestling, referred to as Kushti or Pehlwani in India, is one of the kingdom’s oldest sports, deeply rooted in its cultural historical past. Predominantly famous in rural India, this conventional sport varies in fashion and shape across one of a kind areas, reflecting the use of various cultural tapestry. Indian wrestlers have no longer most effectively excelled in traditional bureaucracy however have additionally garnered accolades in international freestyle competitions, showcasing their prowess on the global level.

Interestingly, India stands out globally as it consists of conventional wrestling into its Olympic sports activities roster. The advent of modern wrestling inside the nineteenth century with the aid of British officers marked a great evolution in the sport, blending conventional strategies with present day freestyle wrestling. This fusion has enriched the sport, presenting a unique spectacle that attracts fans internationally.

Mumbai, Maharashtra’s vibrant capital, performs host to the World Wrestling Championships, drawing elite wrestlers from across the globe to compete on Indian soil. Despite the sport’s huge enchantment, Haryana, a northern kingdom, is identified as the wrestling heartland of India, producing numerous champions who’ve completed national and worldwide reputation. Legends like Gama Singh and Chandrarao Prasad Pandey are celebrated figures, embodying the spirit and legacy of Indian wrestling.


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Football, whilst now not as dominant as cricket in India, captivates thousands and thousands with its dynamic attraction. The recreation’s growth in India is obvious through growing viewership and the effect on of football icons like Messi and Ronaldo, who, through television and social media, have considerably contributed to its burgeoning popularity. Recognizing this capability, the Indian Football Federation has applied a strategic improvement agenda focused on improving infrastructure and fostering competition in any respect levels, ensuring comprehensive training opportunities underneath professional coaches for numerous demographics.

Indian soccer golf equipment are proactively making an investment in expertise, nurturing an aggressive panorama to elevate the game’s profile nationally. This investment is paying off, as professional suits draw massive crowds, offering exciting studies both in stadiums and for television audiences. With four principal soccer leagues and over ten countrywide competitions, the sport’s footprint in India is increasing, showcasing a blend of international have an effect on and homegrown talent, propelling football in the direction of becoming a cherished issue of India’s sporting subculture


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Athletics in India has a rich history and has shown giant development over the years. The game received momentum with the development of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium for the 1982 Asian Games, wherein India showcased its prowess, mainly in girls’s athletics. Icons like P.T. Usha emerged during this period, prevailing more than one medal at Asian Games and setting Asian facts​​.

In latest years, India’s performance in athletics has endured to improve. At the Asian Games 2023, India secured a total of 29 medals, along with six golds, throughout diverse events, demonstrating the depth of talent in the olympic and other games throughout the world. Notable athletes like Neeraj Chopra and Annu Rani stood out with their performances in javelin throw​​.

Furthermore, at the World Athletics Championships 2023, Neeraj Chopra made records via winning a gold medal inside the men’s javelin throw, marking a good sized milestone for Indian athletics on the worldwide level. This fulfillment reflects the developing requirements and global competitiveness of Indian athletes​​.

These achievements underscore India’s growing stature in the subject of athletics, with athletes now regularly competing and excelling at predominant international championships, putting records, and incomes medals, thereby enhancing the united states of america’s reputation inside the international athletics area. 


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Tennis has enjoyed a sizable reputation within the United Kingdom since the nineteenth century, a fashion that extended to India whilst British officials and colonial settlers delivered the sport there. Initially an activity of the elite, tennis’s recognition in India surged with the inception of prestigious tournaments like “The Punjab Lawn Tennis Championships,” “The All-India Tennis Championships,” and the “Bengal Lawn Tennis Championships.” Presently, tennis boasts a great following throughout India, particularly in northern states consisting of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Rajasthan.

Moreover, tennis is a preferred game inside academic institutions, serving as a breeding ground for skills and offering pathways for rising players. Notably, faculties and colleges have been instrumental in nurturing athletes like Leander Paes, who has emerged as a country wide icon in the game. This instructional machine’s position in developing sports experts underscores tennis’s entrenched role in India’s athletic tradition.

The emergence of newer sports activities on this list underscores the converting tastes and expanded global exposure of the Indian populace. These top eight sports activities not handiest captivate the state’s interest however additionally foster a experience of team spirit, delight, and competitive spirit among its people. As we move ahead, it’s miles clear that sports activities in India will remain a large cultural force, shaping identities, inspiring young athletes, and bringing communities together in celebration of talent, perseverance, and sportsmanship.


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Indian cycling has made a huge leap in past decade, transmuting from a basic medium of transport to a symbol of fitness and environmental awareness. The attitude towards cycling has changed, which is not just about a poor man’s choice, but a lot more to education and environmentally awareness. The market has gone beyond the single mainstream brand to accommodate many other choices: from high-end to imported bicycles; the consumer market now is more diverse than ever.

Cycling growth in India is not only market diversification but also people mass cycling as fitness and relaxation activities in addition to sustainable urban mobility means. The likes of the Indian Ministry of Urban Housing and Urban Affairs’ Cycles4Change Challenge have the most considerable effects on this transition, where cities are made to be more bicycle-friendly. Moreover, we are seeing the increasing number of e-bikes and cycling clubs which demonstrate that there is a growing community of cycling enthusiasts in the country.



Basketball in India has seen a steep rise in terms of its popularity and various steps have been taken to make it popular and to ensure its growth. The setting up of Jr NBA program in India has reached 5.5 million youth, parents and coaches it is a proof of how seriously NBA takes to develop basketball at the ground level in Asia. This program is tailored to teach learners basic and crucial skills in basket ball as part of the school curriculum in physical education classes.

In India, Jr NBA program is operating in 19 cities and the number is growing with time. Even Mumbai has a high-ticket experience with the first NBA basketball school which has brought up a tuition based program for the youngsters till 18 years of age, soon becoming a host to the next generation of sport.

Despite the activities that were done, problems continue to persists, for example the absence of a professional league in India as the BFI internal issues. Nonetheless, there is an ongoing joint work between the NBA and the BFI toward a more professional version of the game domestic in Ghana and elsewhere in the country.

FAQs Related to Most Watched Sports

What is India’s No 1 sport?

Cricket is widely regarded as India’s number one sport, captivating millions with its thrilling matches and widespread following.

What is India’s biggest achievement in sports?

India’s biggest sports achievement is often considered its historical success in hockey, including multiple Olympic gold medals.

What factors influence the popularity of a sport in India?

Popularity of sports in India is influenced by factors such as regional preferences, historical success, media coverage, and accessibility.

Are there any regional variations in the popularity of sports across India?

Yes, regional variations exist, with certain sports enjoying more popularity in specific areas, reflecting cultural and historical preferences.

Which demographic groups contribute the most to sports viewership in India?

Sports viewership in India is predominantly driven by the youth and middle-aged population, with variations across different sports and regions.

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