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Television ratings for the Indian Premier League (IPL) are a vital indicator of the tournament’s popularity, reflecting the number of viewers tuning in to watch the matches on TV. The IPL TRP for the year 2023, provided by the Broadcast Audience Research Council India (BARC), offers insights into the viewership scale and the event’s reach among audiences.

The­ event was aired on the­ Star Sports Network, and they noticed a massive­ viewership. This year’s IPL was watche­d by a whopping 505 million. This means the total watch time was a stagge­ring 427.1 billion minutes! But wait, there’s more­,these great numbe­rs only cover TV viewing. Digital platforms like JioCine­ma also made a splash. JioCinema broke a re­cord with 2.3 crore digital viewers watching a single­ IPL match.

These statistics highlight that IPL advertising has massive appeal and its ability to draw viewers across different platforms, maintaining strong IPL TRP on television while also expanding its digital footprint. This blend of traditional and digital viewership underscores the evolving nature of sports consumption in the modern era.

Star Sports TRP rating 

Week 10.03
Week 20.02
Week 30.01
Week 40.01
Week 50.01
Week 60.01
Week 70.02
Week 80.01

IPL TRP Ratings on Star Sports Year Wise

YearStar Sports TRP

Highest IPL Viewership in 2023

In 2023 the Indian Premier League (IPL) had an audience on both Star Sports and JioCinema. Star Sports Network, which broadcasted the IPL 2023 reported that the tournament drew in a viewership of 505 million viewers as per the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India. This season was considered successful for the tournament on TV with viewers watching for a total of 427.1 billion minutes. The final match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings set a peak with 64.1 million viewers.

On the side of the IPL on JioCinema, the online streaming partner for IPL 2023 set records by attracting more than 32 million concurrent viewers during the IPL final between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. This accomplishment marked a milestone in sports viewing habits and highlighted an increasing preference for online streaming of major sporting events.

(We will provide weekly and monthly updates on the Star Sports IPL TRP once the matches commence)


What is the highest TRP in IPL?

The highest viewership in IPL history was recorded during the IPL 2023 final, with over 3 crore concurrent viewers on JioCinema, marking it as the most successful IPL season in terms of viewership​

Is IPL viewership going down?

Contrary to a potential decline, IPL viewership has been impressive, with IPL 2023 setting records for high viewership numbers, indicating an increasing interest in the tournament​

What are the television ratings of IPL?

While specific overall television ratings for the IPL are not provided, the 2023 IPL final’s digital viewership peaked at 3.2 crore concurrent viewers on JioCinema, showcasing significant viewership interest​

What is viewership of IPL 2023?

IPL 2023 experienced record-breaking viewership, with the final match alone attracting over 3 crore concurrent viewers on the digital platform JioCinema, highlighting the tournament’s massive popularity​

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