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Twitter is a service that allows friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay in touch by sending brief, frequent messages to one another. Tweets are posted by users and can include text, images, videos, and links. These tweets are sent to your followers, placed on your profile, and searchable on Twitter.

However, in the past few years Twitter has become an important source of information too. Various users have come to Twitter to stay updated on current events, recent trends and to engage in political affairs. Especially in the Indian scenario, Tweets have created a buzz which has increased the user base of Twitter in India.

So in case you are indecisive about running a Twitter ad campaign, we are here to help you make a sound decision. 

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Top 3 Facts about Twitter Advertising

  • As per Similarweb, the monthly users of Twitter in India is 27.62 million and the average time spent on the app is 3 minutes. The monthly average downloads for the app is approx 4.7 million. 
  • The global monthly active users for Twitter is nearly 208.9 million and has 87.42 million daily active users, with an average time spent of 3 minutes. In the past one year, the average downloads have been 543.5 million. 
  • On a global scale the demographics of Twitter is divided into 69.5% male and 30.5% female. And here’s the users in app in India as per gender and age; (Source: Similarweb)

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Users in App in India (Age-wise)

18-24 years24%
25-34 years42%
35-44 years24%

Top 3 Ad Options in Twitter

1.Reach campaign for awareness: The reach campaign objective  is used to maximize the number of people who see your ad within a set period of time. Reach campaigns are very useful  when your goal is to build brand awareness, improve brand perception, or get as many people to see your ad as possible. Advertisers generally use reach campaigns when they are launching a new product or brand message, or trying to build relevance around a certain occasion, topic, or event. This campaign objective also helps brands to get connected with new potential customers by amplifying your message to a larger audience. 

2.Video views campaign: By adding movement and sound to the visual imagery of the ads, video views campaigns  create a more engaging experience and get more quality views for your ads. Videos feature regularly on your Twitter feed and make your message more  memorable, shareable and  replay-worthy.Thy are very useful in improving your brand-perception as they allow  you to tell the story of your brand.

3.Pre-roll views: Pre-roll views are the kind of advertisements that are played in the beginning of the videos played on Twitter. Twitter allows you to run your pre-roll video content to align the ad with premium, branded content- which also includes highlights and other top videos that the customers are watching already. 

Pre-roll ad campaigns help to drive positive shifts in the key brand metrics for the advertisers. As per, the U.S. Nielsen Brand Effect data, audiences who watch Pre-roll views on Twitter are 70% more likely to recall a brand’s ad, 28% more likely to be aware of the brand, and even 6% higher purchase intent (compared to those who are not exposed to video ads).

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Top 3 Targeting Options

1.Demographics: You may even define the gender, age and location of your Instagram Saved audiences.

  •  Age: If you are aware of the average age of your audience members, you can easily set some simple age restrictions in order to narrow your audience. 
  • Gender: If the product or service is targeting a gender-specific audience, you may let Instagram know about it. 
  • Language: If you are advertising in a specific language or targeting an audience who speak a particular language, you may want to just target the audience who can understand the ads.

2.Interests & Behaviour: Interests are one of the easiest and best Twitter audience targeting options available because they allow advertisers to target audiences particularly interested in brands and products related to your product. For instance, you may target an audience interested in your competitors or blogs and magazines that cover your industry.

3.Audience Types: You can serve advertising based on discussions, events, interests, movies and TV shows, keywords, follower lookalikes, and engagement by using audience targeting. The following criteria can be used to target your audience:

  • Conversation Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Tweet engager Targeting
  • Event Targeting
  • Movies & TV Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Followers look-alike Targeting

Top 3 Reasons to go for Twitter Advertising

1.Targeting Options: Twitter’s advertising platform has access to one of the most advanced social media ad targeting options available. You may advertise to your audience by interests, age, location and behaviour, as you can do for other social media platforms which basically means that the advertiser can do the same on Twitter. Which means that an advertiser can do detailed targeting and target the right audience as per their product and service. In addition to these targeting options that we have mentioned above, Twitter also has some extensive retargeting capabilities that Instagram or Facebook does.

2.Leverage high engagement rates: The engagement rate of the audience on Twitter ads and posts are exceptionally high in comparison to various other platforms. In case you are a new brand and don’t have UGC content yet, you can use trending hashtags or start a hashtag trend for people to share and follow it. In addition to this, you can also ask questions or polls on your stories and then put some ad budget on them to expand your visibility and reach to new audiences. 

3.Tailored Audience: Did you know that you can use Twitter ads to specifically target users who follow certain accounts? It’s simple to download a list of every follower for any Twitter account using any platform and make your own custom audience to target with Twitter ads. Custom audiences on other social media apps are fantastic in their own right.

However, Twitter prevails in this case because other apps’ custom audiences require that you know the email address or phone number of the people you want to contact in order to function. That is a significant roadblock.

What happens if you’re trying to contact a user but don’t have their email address or phone number? You’re out of luck ! The standard is substantially lower on Twitter. To spread your sponsored tweets, all you need is a Twitter user’s handle.

Top 3 Brands that Should Advertise on Twitter



Travel & Tourism

Top 3 Brands that Should Not Advertise on Twitter



Metal industry

Top 3 Cities




Average CTR

The average CTR for Twitter is 1.5%.

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