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Truecaller is a widely used mobile processor that finds the details of a given phone number worldwide from its database of user-profiles and their synchronized phonebook contacts, which is bundled together into a virtual phone book. If a person is a TrueCaller user, he/she can keep his / her profile and view a person’s contact details by his / her name and other details.

In addition to locating phone number details and profiles, Truecaller has numerous other functions. The platform can also be used to block spam calls/SMS, as well as for making UPI charges and recharges where one can send and receive money on the Truecaller mobile processor. Due to their multiple features, businesses and brands can effectively use Truecaller to reach out to their target audience on mobile, especially if they are looking to run a brand awareness campaign.

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Top 3 Truecaller advertising facts

  • Truecaller has over 300 Million daily active users (DAU) globally. Since its launch in 2009, the app has witnessed over half a billion downloads.
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  • India is the largest market for the app and it makes up 75% of the total active users, with 150 Million daily active users and 185 Million monthly active users. In percentage, India has contributed 74% in MAU and 75% in Truecaller’s DAU. 60% of the Indian users are from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • The platform is used for much more than caller ID but also for SMS, chat, group chats, payments, VoIP calls, flash messaging, phonebook backup and restoring and even applying for instant digital personal loans. 
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Top ad options in Truecaller

  1. Banner ad: A banner advertisement or a web banner, is an advertisement which is displayed on a web page or app. The ad is image based, and not text heavy, it consists of an image (.png, .jpg, .gif) or even a multimedia object. On Truecaller, banner ads appear immediately after the call ends. (see image below)
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Banners ads can be animated or static, that depends on which technology you use to make them. Clicking on this ad would take the visitor to go to the advertiser’s website. The effectiveness of banner ads are measured through CTR, time spent on the web page, impressions, etc.

2. Native ads: Native ads are paid advertisements that match the feel, function and look of the media format or platform they are appearing on. Unlike banner ads or display ads, native ads do not really look like advertisements. 

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They look similar to the editorial flow of the platform, in other words, they are editorial ads that are embedded within the content of the app and appear on the home page, article page and topic page. The best part of native ads is that they are non-disruptive. These ads appear on the calls, messaging and contact section on the truecaller app.

3. Lead generation ads: Lead generation ads help the advertiser to collect relevant information from the audience directly from mobile ads. Instead of sending the traffic to the landing page where customers fill out a form manually and press submit, lead ads help customers to click on the ad, which has pre-filled information ( name & email), and they hit submit. These ads help the advertisers do better targeting based on interests, demographics, etc. Hence, the leads that the advertiser acquires from the ads are highly qualified for the product or service. 

Top targeting options in Truecaller

Truecaller offers the following types of targeting:

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  1. Device based targeting– This includes targeting based on the interface of the device or its operating system, the telecom provider, handset company/group, or targeting the custom segments.
  2. Profile/behaviour based targeting– Target customers on the basis of their demographic, that includes age, gender, income, language, etc. Behavioral targeting uses peoples activities to determine which advertisements will resonate most with them.
  3. Geography based targeting–  Truecaller offers advertisers the benefit of targeting their customers based on their location. You can reach the members on the basis of where they visit or live by searching for locations. This includes country/ state/ city, custom region, geo-fencing (radius around a point or location.)
  4. Based on Time/ day– Advertisers can target people based on the hour of the day or the day of the week, as per their choice.

Top reasons to go for Truecaller advertising

Great reach at low cost– Truecaller has a very wide consumer base that can help a brand reach millions of audience in a single day. Currently, the reach is delivered for less than 10 paise. Thus, advertising on Truecaller not only takes the word of your brand far and wide but also helps you keep a close check of your expenditures.

Detailed targeting– The ample targeting options made available by Truecaller makes sure that as an advertiser you get the right targeting of your choice for your ad campaign. The multiple options not only make Truecaller App Advertising more effective but also easier for advertisers who are into cherry picking. The application’s diverse customer-tapping ability will give your brand the perfect launchpad that it needs to be noticed in the competitive market.

Good for brand awareness campaigns- very few other medium or mobile applications promise an exposure to millions of viewers on a daily basis. Combine this reach with the affordability of advertising in this medium, and what you will get is a launchpad for a great brand awareness campaign.

Top 3 brand categories that should go for Truecaller advertising

The brand categories that should consider advertising on Truecaller are-

  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Medical

Brand categories that should not go for Truecaller advertising

Truecaller advertising is a goldmine for advertisers looking to run a brand awareness campaign, given the extensive reach and affordability provided by the platform.

When it comes to which brands should consider advertising on Truecaller, most B2C brands can benefit from this platform. This is because an advertiser can directly target their consumers using the multiple targeting options made available by the platform. B2B brands, on the other hand, might not see the same great results because as advertiser looking to target a business wont be able to segregate people based on their profession using Truecaller.

Top 3 cities that prefer Truecaller advertising

According to the data collected via Google Analytics on The Media Ant’s website, following are the top 3 cities that preferred Truecaller advertising in India in 2021-

  • Maharashtra
  • Delhi
  • Karnataka

Average CTR

The average CTR of Truecaller is 0.02%

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