IPL 2023 : Mukesh Ambani to Stream IPL in 4K Resolution for Free

Ipl 2023 Mukesh Ambani To Stream Ipl In 4K Resolution For Free

The slow and dramatic countdown has just begun and things have already taken a turn with the free online streaming of the matches on JioCinema. In fact, the digital conglomerate is expecting 500 Mn viewership on its app, which means anyone with a smartphone and internet can watch IPL 2023.  

The buzz started when Viacom18 bagged the digital broadcasting rights for the Indian Premier League. Which made JioCinema to grab the official rights for the online streaming live IPL matches. Experts are of the opinion that the free-viewing of IPL 2023 might disrupt the online streaming market in India. 

Apart from free streaming of matches, this year JioCinema will be offering various features for advertisers and consumers. Here are a few of them:

1. ‘Brands you love’ feature which will enable you to save your favourite ads with push reminder notification.

2. 4K viewing on mobile for the first time ever.

3. Live chat during matches with monetised ad inventory.

4. Chat with experts through polls.

5. Gamification- Play live games and win prizes.

6. Sizmek as the ad report analysis partner to calculate clicks, impressions, etc.

7. QR codes for CTV ads that will lead you to the landing page.

8. Hype Mode

So get your team jerseys ready and spirits high as “India ka Tyohar” is all set to go live on 26th March. 

Also advertisers, here’s your chance to advertise in JioCinema during IPL 2023 with The Media Ant. We have made advertising on IPL as simple as making a call. So what are you waiting for?

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