Best Indian Women’s Cricket Ads Campaigns

Indian Women'S Cricket Ad

With the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2023 and Women’s Premier League on the horizon, cricket aficionados of all gender and ages, both young and old, have found idols in these women superstars, and are ready to support the Indian Women’s team journey.

Emphasising the significance of this journey, brands are launching fresh and thought provoking cricket ads to recognise the presence of the new brand of cricket and its heroes. 

This article will give you a sneak peek into the latest cricket ads related to the Indian women’s cricket team. What’s interesting is the narrative and approach the brands are taking. They are doing away with the conventional way of advertising their products through the Indian women’s cricket team player but starting a conversation. 

We will keep updating this article as more ads are released.  

PUMA- #IndianCricketTeamCaptainHarmanpreetKaur

Puma has always collaborated with athletes and sportspersons and this time too the brand is taking its vision forward. Its ongoing Indian cricket ad campaign is aiming to bridge the gender gap in cricket. Cricket is not just a sport in India but has become an important part of Indian culture. Players like Sourav Ganguly, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have gained celebrity status becoming influential figures with brands flocking them with endorsement opportunities.

In this particular scenario, PUMA launched the first leg of its campaign last month by posting a cryptic teaser video of a player taking position at the stumps and asking the audience to guess its next brand ambassador. 

The comments of consumers on Instagram, Twitter and its native shopping platforms like and retail stores were tracked. As per the 5000 responses collected over 36 hours, 80% of the consumers surprisingly assumed the brand ambassador to be a male cricketer. 

Puma then followed this up with their video that revealed India’s women cricket team’s captain Harmanpreet Kaur as its new brand ambassador. The campaign is the brand’s commitment to show that it is invested in the sporting ecosystem, irrespective of gender. 

In the second campaign, PUMA discloses how Google search about the captain of the Indian cricket team displays only the men’s team players like Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya whilst unfairly excluding the women’s team captain Kaur. The objective of the creative cricket ad is to ensure that women’s sport is celebrated at par with men. Their positioning is that cricket is not just a gentleman’s game.

ICC T20 Women’s Cricket

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup in its latest ad has presented the Indian team with its biggest challenge to bring home the players of an ICC trophy for the first time ever, thus creating history and consequently changing it to ‘her story’. 

As the Indian women’s cricket team embarks on this journey towards world glory, the hope is that cricket fans across the country and the world will support their endeavour to rewrite his-tory as ‘her-story’.

The growing popularity, recognition and appeal of our women in blue has a transformational capacity which will transcend sport with the potential to inspire millions of girls and boys. 

Women’s Premier League 2023

The exclusive broadcast and digital partner of the highly anticipated Women’s Premier League Viacom18 has finally raised the curtains for the first-ever campaign of the league. The TVC ‘Naam Hoga Tera Har Zubaan Par’ has a contagious celebratory air about it. 

The campaign opens with a caution on the arrival of the unabashed bold cricketers who are all set to leave a mark during the WPL, making them household names and being an inspiration for the next generation of cricket fans. 

Naam Hoga Tera Har Zubaan Par conceptualized by Ogilvy celebrates the grip, resilience and determination of every girl looking to break grounds through their game. 20 seconds into the ad and we immerse into the peppy rap anthem that gives a fresh vibe that is expected to spread across India. 

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