Influencer Marketing: Are you missing out on something?

Influencer Marketing

According to the India Influence Report published by Zefmo, over 90% marketers are planning to try out influencer marketing in 2018. 89% of the brands that have already tried influencer marketing have found it effective. Following are some success stories of Influencer marketing in India from various industries.

Influencer Marketing: Some Examples

Doors of India

  • Product: Pravesh Steel Doors by Tata Steel
  • Objective: To create buzz about the newly launched product, Pravesh
  • Medium: 6 travel bloggers travelled over 30000 km across 46 cities and curated stories about prominent doors of India.


Doors Of India Influencer CampaignKerala Tourism

  • Product: Palakkad, Wayanad
  • Objective: To showcase authentic stories of travel experience in Palakkad and Wayanad
  • Medium: Travel bloggers were invited to write and share their experiences on their Social Media Pages

Kerala Tourism Influencer CampaignMakeup Challenge by Nykaa

  • Product: Online Cosmetics Website, Nykaa
  • Objective: To create buzz about the brand through viral content
  • Medium: Popular comedian and influencer Rohan Joshi created funny videos of him trying to apply make-up on the model.

Nykaa Influencer CampaignApni Diwali by Parle

  • Product: Parle, Umbrella Brand
  • Objective: To establish the connection between Parle as an umbrella brand and the individual biscuit brands
  • Medium: Leading food bloggers of India created innovative dishes using Parle products and shared over Instagram

Parle Influencer CampaignAxis Dil Se

  • Product: The CSR initiative of Axis Bank, Axis Dil Se
  • Objective: To create awareness about the lack of education in the remotest villages of India in the difficult terrains of Leh, Ladakh and Kargil and Axis Dil Se Programme
  • Medium: 16 travel bloggers were sent to four remote villages in Ladakh for 10 days where they spent time with the villagers, worked at local schools, educated the villagers about banking and finance and document all the experiences.

Axis Influuencer Campaign

Types of Influencers: Micro and Macro

Micro-Influencers: These are people next door with less than 10000 followers. They can be reached out to via platforms like Influencer. Usually, the process of taking help of micro-influencers would be- the brand would contact the platform with brand brief and requirements and the platform would reach out to all the micro-influencers. Sometimes, there would be an additional step of screening of micro-influencers by the brand.

This option is the cheapest in terms of cost and easiest in terms of execution but the quality of the output is not guaranteed. The ROI is difficult to measure too.

Macro-influencers: Macro influencers are people having a fan following, are known to a larger set of people and have a follower list of 10000 to 100000. They are usually directly contacted by the brand to promote their products. Brands have more control in case of macro influencers as they are lower in number but have more reach.

The campaigns would be more expensive but measuring ROI would be easier. However, since they are professional influencers, their authenticity would be taken with a pinch of salt by the followers.

Advantages of Influencer Marketing

  1. Authenticity: The influencers are looked up to by thousands of people for advice, trends and inspiration. This makes them authentic. It gives a voice to your brand, authentic and relatable.
  2. Engagement: Unlike celebrity endorsements, the brand communication is not unidirectional. Unlike your own blogs and social media pages, these influencers do not have any vested interests (they do have but they are not very discrete about it). They have a loyal set of followers with whom they are engaged in organic conversations over a long time and diverse topics.
  3. Creativity: Unlike celebrity endorsements which are mostly scripted, each influencer has own secret formula for creating viral content. This gives the authenticity and fresh perspective to your brand communication.

Influencer Marketing: Some of the prominent platforms in India

There are many platforms in India that would let you run influencer campaign with hundreds of influencers together. Some of the prominent ones are:

  1. Influencer
  2. Skreem
  3. Pulpkey
  4. Dinfluencer
  5. IndiPR
  6. Viral Vagon

Influencer Marketing: How can The Media Ant help you?

We can help you setting up an influencer marketing campaign as per your business requirement. We have partnered with a number of influencers across categories like entertainment, cookery, politics, sports and lifestyle. In case you want to know more, please mail us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com





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