Indexed Ad Volumes for IPL 17 on TV Witness 16% Growth in First 55 Matches

Indexed Ad Volumes For Ipl 17 On Tv Witness 16% Growth In First 55 Matches

According to the latest update from TAM Sports-IPL 17 ad report, the indexed ad volumes per channel for IPL 17 on television have surged by 16% compared to IPL 16 during the first 55 matches. This surge reflects the growing interest of advertisers in leveraging the Indian Premier League (IPL) platform to reach their target audiences effectively.

The report highlights a significant increase in the count of categories and advertisers for IPL 17, showcasing a 45% rise in categories and a 29% increase in advertisers compared to IPL 16.

Among the top categories advertised during IPL 17, two belonged to the F&B sector, collectively contributing 45% of the ad volumes. Notably, Ecom-Gaming and Pan Masala were the only common categories present in both IPL 17 and IPL 16.

Similarly, Sporta Technologies, Vishnu Packaging, and K P Pan Foods emerged as the common advertisers present in both editions of the IPL.

The top five advertisers in IPL 17 collectively covered 35% of the ad volumes, with Parle Products leading in 38 matches.

IPL 17 also witnessed the introduction of 34 new categories and 107 new brands compared to IPL 16. Among the top five new categories, two each were from the F&B and BFSI sectors. Parle Food Products and Fogg dominated the list of new brands in IPL 17.

On national (Hindi+English) channels, Dabur Real Range emerged as the top brand, while Mobil Super/Mobil Super Moto secured the first position on regional language channels. Notably, Parle Food Products led the list of 100 brands that advertised on both Hindi+English language channels and regional language channels during the 55 matches of IPL 17.

Overall, these insights underscore the continued popularity and effectiveness of IPL as a premier advertising platform for brands across diverse sectors, driving significant growth and engagement in the television advertising space.

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