How To Advertise Online Mobile Game App

How To Advertise Online Mobile Games

In the first part of the series we would cover the following:

  • Insights on online mobile gaming landscape in India
  • Segregation of online mobile games based on their popular target groups
  • Few strategies to target the audience for each online mobile game category

Introduction To Online Mobile Game

With the user base of smartphone users in India increasing rapidly, online mobile gaming has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the Indian Market.

Riding this wave are numerous mobile game app developers and with this, the competition has become fierce. Add a few global sharks sized global players to it and it becomes a maze.

If you are a new game developer, the biggest challenge in front of you would be to attract the audience. The question we often face is HOW.

Hence, with the help of our experts and based on our learning from past campaigns, we have come up with a series of articles that will cover all the questions revolving advertising strategy for online mobile game apps.

Online Mobile Gaming in India: Insights

Let’s first start off by stating some of the useful insights on the mobile online gaming industry and then we will move on to the big step – segregation of the online mobile games based on their target group.

Online Mobile Gaming Popularity
  • From 183Mn user-base in 2017 to 278Mn in 2018, the industry’s revenue has doubled over the range of the past four years reaching 43.8Mn in the year 2018.
  • Out of 278mn, 250Mn players are Mobile players.

Engagement level:

  • The growth in the time spent on playing online games in India has been witnessing a huge growth with having an average of 7 hours per user in a week.

This intends to grow at a rate of 20% in the upcoming years.

  • The industry was previously male dominant, but now seem to attract a large number of women with them surpassing male players in certain games.
Gender Contribution In Online Mobile Games
Online Mobile Gaming Industry In India

The increasing competition

  • From 25 online gaming developing companies in 2010 to 250 companies in 2018, the competition has been increasing at the speed of light.
  • The year 2018 has accounted for the download of 5 billion mobile games applications which is almost 70% of the total share of the entertainment industry.

Online Mobile Games: Categories and Genres

Now that we have stated a few important metrics on the mobile online gaming industry in India, let’s dive deep into the segregation of Mobile online gaming industry with their target audience:

Categories Of Online Mobile Gaming

Some of the popular strategies to target your audience group for each of the above mentioned online mobile gaming categories are:

  1. Age Targeting
  2. Gender Targeting
  3. Appographic Targeting (based on the apps present on the user’s device)
  4. Geography Targeting
  5. Device Targeting
  6. Interest Targeting

While some of the above mentioned mobile gaming categories can be advertised on the popular advertising platforms, for few of them like fantasy sports and gambling games, there are prohibitions and constraints.

Hence, it is very important to understand the target audience and make appropriate strategies to reach out to them.

In the series of articles that follows, we would explore the best ad platforms for each of these categories.

In our next article, we will explore the market of Real Money based games and the strategies and platforms to advertise those games.

Looking for ideas to advertise your gaming apps? Write to us at and keep watching this space for the next article.

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