Headlines: Top media ad news in India for the week (Date: 22nd November – 28th November)

Top Media Ad News In India For The Week 1 1

In the annual filing of The Walt Disney Co. for the year 2021, its GECs have 132M subscribers and the sports channels have over 84M subscribers. 

According to the TAM data, advertising volume of the Hindi news channels increased by 1%. On the other hand, English news channels experienced a decrease of 8% in comparison to Hindi and regional news channels.

ABP Sanjha has been launched as a satellite channel on Tata Sky. The channel launch has come ahead of 2022 assembly elections in Punjab and 5 other states.

As per a study, live commerce led by influencers is expected to grow exponentially in India. At the moment, video commerce is at a developing stage but has a potential to reach the size of 4.5 billion by 2025 in India. 

According to the BCG-Sequoia India report, the mobile gaming industry in India is expected to touch 5 billion  by 2025. The study highlights that India is emerging as an investment and talent hub for the gaming hub. 

Lomotif, the Video sharing platform, has officially launched in India. The founder is Singapore-based Paul Yang, the platform was earlier acquired by Zash. The technology allows users to engage in entertaining reel format content. 

As per the Essence report, 52% of Indians spend over 5K on a single transaction on social media. According to the survey, the most purchased categories are beauty (39%), food takeaway/delivery (30%) and grocery (29%). 

RAM Ratings Week 40’21-Week 43’21: Fever FM is on the top spot in Delhi & Mumbai again. Big FM retains its position in Bangalore, whereas Mirchi stays on top in Kolkata charts.

BARC top 5 advertisers of the week 46 (13th November – 19th November 2021)  are – Hindustan Lever Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd, PONDS INDIA, Cadburys India LTD, Brooke Bond Lipton India LTD.

According to BARC weekly data, the following were the top 5 paid TV channels in week 46 (13th November – 19th November 2021) – 

Paid– Star Plus, Sun TV, Star Maa, STAR Utsav, Colors.

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