Fanta turns Chennai Metro Fanta-stic!


Fanta, the orange aerated beverage from Coca Cola has done their most recent campaign by ‘wrapping’ the Chennai metros trains. Fanta was one of the first companies to advertise on the Chennai metro trains. The two trains have been wrapped with the creative of the brand with the most prominent color being orange.

Fanta Ooh4

Advertising on the metro trains in a billboard free city like Chennai proves highly effective as the ads stand out and grab eyeballs easily. The brand chose to brand both inside and outside the metro trains.

Fanta Ooh2

Fanta Ooh3

Fanta Ooh5

Advertising on Chennai’s metro train has approximated views of about one million travellers per month. The brand believes that with the hot and humid weather of Chennai the ad of their beverage would tempt travellers to buy the product.

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