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Digital OOH Advertising in India


We are sure you have heard of the term DOOH advertising, as it is gaining popularity globally. In order to decode DOOH you must understand OOH advertising, that is Out of Home advertising. Out of Home ads are traditional outdoor advertising, which typically includes shop-ads, On-car ads, billboards, hoardings, etc. 

According to PQ Media, DOOH accounted for 28.3 of all out-of-home (OOH) ads in 2019 and this is predicted to rise to 38.3% by 2023. 

In recent times digital OOH advertising has increased massively in India and the market is expected to grow during 2021-2026. Though the pandemic had a direct and indirect impact on Out of Home advertising, the industry has been growing exponentially in the last few years due to the blurring lines between the digital and traditional. 

Digital Out of Home advertising is basically the addition of digital features in Out of Home advertising. DOOH is an interactive way of advertising highlighted by digital channels which are placed in various public places. 


DOOH in India

Though OOH advertising has been in the market for a long time now, it’s only in the last few years that Digital Out-of-Home advertising has been trending, taking the market by storm. The Digital OOH industry in India accounts for just about 4%, in comparison to developed markets where DOOH advertising is an average of 20%. 

However, in the last 1 or 2 years the OOH markets in India have experienced an increase in digitisation, with a steady growth of programmatic DOOH players, and high smartphones penetration- both of which have contributed to the increase of DOOH audiences. 

Dooh In India
Source: Magna Global

Future of DOOH

The future of the DOOH market in India looks bright now, as it is expected to grow by 20-25% in the next 5 years. According to industry experts the rates of the Out-of-Home market may even double. 

The major reason for the growth of DOOH is flexibility, because it allows the advertisers to change the advertisements whenever they want, it saves time and money too, 

Technological and infrastructural enhancements will boost the sector too. Other factors like, increase in travellers and airports, technological advancements, upcoming retail spaces and an increased penetration in virtual reality and augmented reality technologies will also affect the growth of DOOH. 

It also makes targeting offers and campaigns easier as advertisers can integrate with social media and phone, all these will aid the rapid increase of Digital OOH in India. The quality of the ads will also be unparalleled with more intelligence and data going into it. Brands will also take this opportunity to attract customers, they can also get estimation reports of the viewers on a real-time basis in order to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns.

The Indian Government’s permission to install digital signage in public spaces will further fuel the growth of Digital OOH. 

Apartment Digital Screen Branding

Apartment Digital Screen Branding in simple words is a type of advertisement which uses an HD screen in residential apartments, lifts and lobbies. It is one of the most effective places to advertise as you can target high income group segments. Apartment ads will help your target audience discuss your brand among themselves which will result in an increase in your brand sales.


 How does digital screen apartment advertising work?

 In Metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai you will find a lot of Apartments. This means that you have a lot of potential to reach out to the relevant customers. 

The people living in residential apartments belong to the high income group. Hence, if advertisers want to target relevant groups of customers at the right place and right time, it is easy.

The residents of an apartment are likely to use the lift at least twice a day and if there is a digital screen ad placed, it will take the customers virtually to the brand. Digital screen branding in apartments assure constant connectivity between the brands and the customers. 

What makes apartment advertising popular?

The lifts and lobbies of any apartment is the best place to place the advertisements because it gives the opportunity to get the attention of a large group of people. There are other benefits of digital screen apartment advertisements;

1. Targeting High Income group segment: The people staying in residential apartments belong to high income groups, so through apartment ads you can easily target your brand to them. 

2. HD Screens: The HD screens will make the ads more visible and attractive to the customers. 

3. Video screens: The digital screens are video capable so you can try video ads to grab the attention. At the same time, make sure the video is short and includes graphics as most of the residentials will pass by the screen and you have a short span to keep them engaged. 

4. Time utilisation: When it comes to apartment ads you must make utmost use of the time, as people are moving around. Which is why digital screens near the lift and the lobby are quite beneficial for advertisers as people stop by them. 

5. Communication: You can achieve your brand goals with repeated brand communication too.

6. Cost-effective: Apartment ads with the help of digital screens may help you to reach the right audience in a cost effective way.

7. Experimentation: Digital screens in apartments give you ample space to experiment with your ads, thus you must go beyond the traditional way. You can try quirky creatives, GIFs and attractive creatives to engage the customers.

Types of digital screen apartment advertising

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Rates of Digital screen Apartment advertising

Rates for digital screen apartment ads may vary depending on the volume of the ads. The section has detailed ad rates for all media options available on The Media Ant portal.

You can also use the advanced pricing filters to check the targeting available while advertising on digital screen apartments. Digital screen apartment ad rates would vary as per the digital screen advertising types, ad size, ad position and targeting options.


To access the advanced pricing section, one needs to save the media option to the bag and access it there. In the same advanced pricing section, you can also check the best-discounted rate for your selected volume.

However, digital screen apartment ad rates are quite cost effective, and are ideal for SMEs as well as big brands. This is because you don’t need to run nationwide or regional campaigns, the campaigns can be area specific so the budget spent on the ad can be kept to a minimum. 

To know more about Digital OOH advertising read our case study The Blurring Lines Between Digital and Outdoor: A Case Study on Classplus and FloBiz.

In case you have some questions or would like to know more about advertising after lockdown, write to us at  Help@TheMediaAnt.Com.

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