Cinema Goers Like Local Ads

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Going to the cinema is about more than just the film and adverts are seen by many as integral to the cinematic experience. Over half of APAC residents (57%) think that commercial adverts shown before films help to set the mood. This rises to nearly three-quarters in the Philippines (72%), 63% in Thailand and 61% in Malaysia.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (62%) also agree that cinema advertising is a good way to find out about new products and 61% agree that it keeps them up to date with things happening in the local area.

Half of consumers (51%) find cinema advertising more creative and/or entertaining than other forms of advertising and roughly the same amount (50%) also admit to paying more attention to cinema adverts than to TV adverts.

However, not all consumers embrace the commercials. Over a third of those polled (37%) admit to ignoring them, particularly in China where this rises to nearly half of respondents (46%). A significant proportion (30%) also confess to arriving late to miss the adverts, particularly in Thailand, where (38%) have done so.


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