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Zomato, an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company, provides information, menus, and user reviews of restaurants. Founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008, the platform currently offers food delivery options from partner restaurants in more than 1,000 Indian cities and towns, as of the ongoing period 2022–23.


The primary objective of the campaign was to inform customers about a new offer through a creative and engaging campaign.

Target Audience

The campaign specifically focused on individuals aged between 21 to 55 years, covering both male and female demographics, with a strategic focus on working individuals.


Mumbai, a dynamic metropolis, was where the campaign was run.


Diving into the core of Zomato’s Ad Campaign involves an understanding of certain important aspects that drove its design and execution. These include:

  • The Objective of the Campaign
  • The Campaign’s Target Audience
  • Geography covered in the Campaign

1. Objective of the Campaign:

The Zomato Ad Campaign aimed to inform customers about a new offer while creating widespread awareness and driving increased engagement. The goal was to establish a top-of-mind position among customers, translating awareness into tangible business growth by standing out in the crowded market.

2. Target Audience:

The campaign was meticulously tailored to resonate with individuals aged 21 to 55 in Mumbai, encompassing both male and female demographics. This age group ensured inclusivity, targeting individuals at various stages in their lifestyle and dining preferences, with a particular focus on working professionals who are familiar and reliant on  food delivery apps like Zomato.

3. Geography Covered:

The geographical focus was exclusively on Mumbai, aligning with Zomato’s objective to reach the entire population of the city. This strategic approach ensured a comprehensive outreach to potential customers, capturing the diverse culinary landscape of Mumbai.

4. Unique Approach:

In the Mumbai Metro Jingle campaign, Zomato introduced a unique strategy by incorporating six distinct jingles across six different stations. To add an entertaining twist, Zomato associated food items with railway stations, turning them into catchy announcements. Examples include Ghatkopar transformed into ‘Chat-kopar’, Andheri represented as ‘Kachori’, and Azad Nagar turned into ‘Azad Mutter’. This approach aimed to leave a lasting and memorable impression on commuters.


  • The selection of Mumbai Metro Jingles as the primary medium for Zomato’s campaign was a strategic decision rooted in aligning with the campaign’s objectives and the characteristics of the target audience. The Mumbai Metro serves as a daily mode of transportation for a demographic largely consisting of working individuals aged 21 to 55, precisely mirroring Zomato’s target market. By choosing this medium, Zomato aimed to embed its message into the daily routines of potential customers, taking advantage of the captive audience during their commutes.
  • The strategic geographic coverage of the Mumbai Metro was another significant factor in the decision-making process. Focusing on the bustling financial hubs of Mumbai allowed Zomato to tailor its message to a diverse and economically active population. This targeted approach aimed to maximize the campaign’s impact by reaching individuals who were more likely to engage with Zomato’s food delivery services.
  • Cost-effectiveness played a crucial role in the preference for Mumbai Metro Jingles Branding. By opting for this medium over mass media like TV or newspapers, Zomato minimized the risk of message spillage. This ensured that the campaign reached individuals with a higher probability of being interested in Zomato’s services, making the advertising spend more efficient.
  • The innovative and memorable approach of incorporating distinct jingles across different metro stations added a unique touch to the campaign. This creative element aimed to leave a lasting impression on commuters, making Zomato stand out in a crowded advertising landscape. Additionally, the association of food items with station names injected humor and entertainment into the campaign, enhancing its recall value.
  • The campaign’s integration with digital platforms, particularly through engaging videos on Instagram, further extended its reach and impact. This multi-faceted approach, combining traditional metro jingles with digital elements, reflected a comprehensive strategy to maximize the campaign’s effectiveness.
  • While other media channels may offer their advantages, the choice of Mumbai Metro Jingles demonstrated a thoughtful and targeted approach tailored to the specific characteristics of Zomato’s audience and the unique opportunities presented by the Mumbai Metro as a medium.

Campaign Execution


The campaign achieved a significant impact, securing a top-of-mind position among customers. Engaging videos on Instagram reinforced the effectiveness of this unique strategy, emphasizing the successful marriage of creativity and strategic placement. The catchy jingles associated with food items and creative station renaming contributed to increased brand recall and customer engagement, successfully achieving the campaign’s objectives. Through this approach, Zomato not only informed customers about the offer but also established a memorable connection with its target audience in the competitive food delivery landscape.

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