Case Study: How WeWork Drove Awareness About Its Centers Through Hyperlocal Advertising

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The Product

WeWork is a popular New York-based co-working space company that entered India in 2017 and has offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, and Pune. WeWork helps enterprises, small scale companies and freelancers with numerous services apart from office space like healthcare, HR, networking, etc. 

Whether you are setting up a business or growing your team, WeWork’s inspiring workspace is specially designed to help you get the perfect ambiance. Their flexible solutions are designed to boost productivity, foster creativity and let you reimagine your workplace. 


The objective of the advertising campaign was to-

  • Drive awareness about WeWork shared office space centers 
  • Encourage potential customers to contact or visit the nearest WeWork centers

Target Audience

WeWork has positioned itself as a brand that caters to employees and companies to provide them inspiring and flexible workspaces. They serve a target audience of entrepreneurs and small-scale companies, as well as freelancers. The target audience of this campaign was hence, kept the same. 


  • Bangalore 
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi 


The major challenge that WeWork faced was-

Reaching out to the relevant set of audience, that is, entrepreneurs/small-sized companies and freelancers in the selected locations and ensure maximum reach with minimum wastage. 


A campaign’s approach can be adopted by analyzing some specific details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The company’s target audience 
  • Geography that needs to be covered in the campaign 

Analyzing the above information would help in underlining the brand’s requirements/need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach.

  • Objective- The objective of the campaign was to increase brand awareness in areas with a huge number of start-ups and companies. Hence, newspaper inserts worked the best for WeWork’s ad campaign as it helped them reach out to a specific areas. 
  • The target audience of the brand– WeWork is a co-working space company that was built for small to medium businesses and business owners so selected advertising platforms that are mostly used by the business professionals
  • Geography- Target the areas near WeWork offices as well as those with a high concentration of startups and small businesses.

Why did wework opt for a branding campaign? 

A well-executed branding campaign can successfully create an impact in the mind of the audience, thereby increasing brand awareness and later, brand recall. To do this, the trick is to stand out or grab the audiences’ attention with an ad that has a strong visual appeal.


The challenge was to identify the relevant platforms to reach out to the target audience i.e., business owners, decision-makers and freelancers in the areas where WeWork centers were present. Thus, the approach required a niche as well as a hyperlocal approach. 

Keeping in mind the approach, past campaign performance and experience, the following media options were suggested:

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  1. Business Newspapers  Business newspapers are one of the most common and popular media among business professionals and freelancers because a majority of them read newspapers as a habit to keep themselves updated about the industry. Also, the engagement rate is high. 
  2. Hoarding– Hoardings were placed in prominent areas with a lot of commercial activities and high visibility, close to the We Work offices. This helped in creating awareness as well as encouraging inquiries and footfalls. 
  3. SMS– SMS advertising is one of the most effective ways to initiate a one to one communication with the audience. By targeting a database of business professionals present in the selected geography, the brand was able to increase inquiries. 

Campaign Execution

Here are some of the eye-catching and informative print designs that WeWork came up with:

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SMS Marketing Campaign-

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Since the object was brand awareness, the campaign resulted in providing WeWork the required exposure amongst entrepreneurs and businesses. Newspaper inserts and SMS Marketing were used to reach companies in areas with high concentration of start-ups and businesses. 

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