Case Study: How Mfine Increased Brand Awareness in Bangalore Through City-Wide Advertising

Mfine Media Planning Strategy

Mfine is an AI-driven healthcare platform aggregating top-notch health professionals to deliver on-demand healthcare consultations from the comfort of their homes or even at the office. Their aim is to improve everyone’s access to excellent health.

Mfine has always been propelled by a love for delivering care, a relentless emphasis on quality, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Mfine allows users to rapidly contact doctors online and receive home health tests with the touch or click of a button.

Campaign objective

The objective of the campaign was to:

  • Increase citywide awareness about Mfine.
  • Encourage those who could utilise the Mfine platform to obtain medical treatment.

Target audience

Since Mfine is an online platform offering expert healthcare consultation, it targets customers willing to verify or make an online appointment for medical advice.


  • Bangalore


  • To identify audiences seeking medical care and are willing to conduct transactions online in bangalore.
  • To reach out to the appropriate audience while minimising waste.


The strategy for a campaign may be chosen by looking at specific details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The company’s target audience 
  • Geography where the campaign was run

By examining the aforementioned data, we can better understand the campaign’s objectives and needs for the brand, which will lead us to choose the best strategy.

Since the objective was to create citywide awareness for Mfine platform and the brand wanted to target people specifically in one city (Bangalore), Hyperlocal advertising was considered to top choice. This advertising is used when the geography is limited and a brand is looking out to advertise locally rather than covering multiple cities or going nationwide.

Another reason for using Hyperlocal advertising was the type of target audience the campaign was looking to target. The target customers of this campaign were people with a high propensity towards adopting tech products and prefer tech-driven solutions. More importantly, this tech driven audience also falls in the bracket of those who have an inclination towards using local transportation services (which is also very easily available to them).

Why was the campaign run mainly in Bangalore? The company had their eyes set on targeting Bangalore as it is India’s Silicon Valley and the top city for working professionals, startups, and small enterprises. Professionals occupy nearly 50% of migrant households in Bangalore. Targeting Bangalore’s population would be more effective, given the target audience of the campaign was tech driven , working professionals/individuals.



The major challenge was reaching out to the relevant audience and spreading awareness about the launch of Mfine in Bangalore. 

Keeping the approach and targeted audience in mind, the following media platforms were selected: 


1. Radio: Radio is one of the best media platforms for city-wide targeting and to target the working professionals because a majority of the working population listen to the radio while commuting to their workplaces. Hence, radio was used for increasing brand awareness. 

2. Print: Print media is a significant part of the media landscape and can be personalised to your target audience in terms of design aesthetic and message delivery. This enables you to target the audience you want to reach and create content that is both pertinent to and interesting to them.

3.Outdoor: Since the objective is to reach out to business professionals and those seeking healthcare services, we decided to target localities/platforms that are most visited/used by the target group. Hyperlocal advertising is one such effective medium. 

4. Cinema: Cinema is one of the best entertainment sources, and the cinema halls’ reach is pretty high in Bangalore (almost 1,761,000 per week). Also, cinema-goers are considered the premium audience and are primarily aware of the tech-driven product; hence placing ads in cinema halls helped the brand to reach the premium audience and conveyed the benefits of online healthcare consultation.

5. Medical Shop Branding: The advertisement in the medical shops encouraged the people who are actively seeking to buy their prescriptions (low-hanging fruits) about Mfine and its advantages. 

6. Bus Advertising: Bangaloreans spend an average number of two hours daily commuting. Buses are one of the significant modes of transport media in Bangalore. Placing ads on buses helped in reaching out to the mass audience.

7. Cab Branding: Cab branding is a very attractive and premium advertising medium. Due to high traffic, people spend a significant amount of time on the road, making cab branding a preferred advertising medium for the brand to spread the word about its platform. 

Campaign Execution

Print commercials, radio jingles, outdoor advertisements, bus advertisements, and a few more were all created by the brand using innovative and exciting material.

Outdoor Ad-

Outdoor Ad For Mfine
Case Study: How Mfine Increased Brand Awareness In Bangalore Through City-Wide Advertising 5

Print Ad-

Print Ad For Mifne
Case Study: How Mfine Increased Brand Awareness In Bangalore Through City-Wide Advertising 6

Radio Ad-

Cab Branding-

Cab Branding For Mfine
Case Study: How Mfine Increased Brand Awareness In Bangalore Through City-Wide Advertising 7


The primary objective of the campaign was to increase awareness regarding Mfine in the city and encourage people in Bangalore to use The Mfine app for medical treatment. 

The use of non-traditional modes of advertising like cab and bus branding helped them to reach the target audience around the city. Other localised forms of advertising, such as cinema, radio, print, and outdoor ads, as they are best to tap into when it comes to targeting specific geography.

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