Effective Advertising Opportunities on Radio Mirchi 98.3

Effective Advertising Opportunities On Radio Mirchi 98.3

 Mirchi Radio Station

Effective Advertising Opportunities On Radio Mirchi 98.3 2

Radio Mirchi, better  known as the Mirchi Radio station,is the first and the biggest privately owned radio station in India. Radio Mirchi is a nationwide  network of FM radio stations in India that is gradually expanding into other countries as well. 

Except in some  cities, the station can be found on the frequency of 98.3. The tagline of Mirchi Radio station is ‘’mirchi sunne wale always khush’’ which, in English means ‘’Mirchi listeners are always happy’’. 

In addition to an impressive traditional radio presence, Mirchi Radio station holds a very strong position in the digital space as well. It has 23 online stations, and publishes content online on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube through which it reaches 50-60 million users every month. 

Mirchi Radio station is  the first brand to start ‘airport radio’ operations in India. Radio mirchi  can be heard at T3 international airport, New Delhi and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad. 

This alone gives the ads aired on the Mirchi network a wider reach than any other private  radio network in the country. 

India’s first and largest private FM radio broadcaster, with 76 stations in 63 cities all over the country, Mirchi Radio station is a lucrative option for advertisers looking to advertise pan india. 

If you want a sizeable, yet diverse and  relevant audience for your ad, Mirchi Radio station, with a walloping 38 million listenership, is the network to put your ad on.

Radio Mirchi Ads


Radio Mirchi ads dominate the market of radio advertisement in india.  Radio Mirchi ads have a reach extending over traditional radio, airport radio, digital media and OTT  platforms, and also some radio frequencies in the UAE and the USA.

The ads on no other radio station in the country have nearly as wide a reach as that.

The prominent names in the  clientele of Radio mirchi include Sony, Philips, Samsung, Suzuki, Philips, BMW, Google, TCL, Uber, and  Dunzo in addition to many others.

Radio Mirchi ads range over a diverse set of industries. Radio mirchi has a legacy of executing highly successful ad campaigns in industries like health and fitness, automobile, consumer durables, education, retail, financial services, information technology, and  e – commerce among others. 

Since radio mirchi has expanded into the UAE and the USA, Radio Mirchi ads can reach the Indians living in those countries too. 

It is  safe to say that radio mirchi is the best radio station if you want to target a premium audience of NRI’s.

You can customize your ad campaign with creativity and flexibility through Radio Mirchi ads. You can choose among various ad options, budgets, time bands, and frequencies.

You also have the freedom of choosing the RJ and the program you want to air your advertisement with.                         

Radio Mirchi Sponsorship 

Due to the vast listenership and general popularity of the station, Radio Mirchi sponsorship is a very powerful tool for advertisement.

With sponsorships, the name of the brand to be advertised is mentioned with the  sponsored program each time the program is  announced on the station. This gives your ad a great recall rate which in turn helps grow brand awareness.

Radio Mirchi sponsorship can be made even more effective by having the RJ conducting the program announce the sponsors. 

You can capitalize on the positive associations people have with the familiar  voice of their favorite RJ  to make your advertisement  more penetrating and impactful.

Someone as loved as  Mirchi’s  RJ Naveed or RJ Sayma announcing the name of your brand as a sponsor would be no less than a celebrity endorsement for your brand.

Radio Mirchi Contest

Radio Mirchi  holds fun contests where a question  related to pop culture is asked and the winners win  prizes

The prizes are usually  radio mirchi mugs signed by celebrities. For example, an exclusive radio mirchi mug autographed by a celebrity, or an exclusive radio mirchi mug autographed by a sportsperson.

The questions are mostly related to music and movies.  A typical Radio Mirchi Contest question is something like ‘’What was the name of the character played by Ranveer Singh in Band Baja Baraat?’’

The questions are more like fun memory joggers about non serious little topics like the ones people ask each other at parties for socialization.

Radio Mirchi Ad Rates

Radio Mirchi ad rates are as flexible as they come. The ad rates vary a lot and you are sure to  find one that suits your budget. 

The main  factors that affect the Radio Mirchi ad rates are : city of broadcasting, time of the day ( primetime or otherwise),  radio frequency ( some frequencies are way more expensive than others), premium or popular type of ad (jingle broadcast, jockey mention, sponsorship etc), and ad duration.

 For the best Radio Mirchi ad rates visit The Media Ant website where you can find a bunch of information that will help you make a sound decision as to how to advertise on radio. 

Radio Mirchi Advertisement

Radio mirchi is undoubtedly the most popular radio station in the country. At this point, radio advertisement has  practically become synonymous with Radio mirchi advertisement.

The only reason not to go with mirchi for your radio ad campaign would be  that all the advertisement slots are already booked. 

You can use radio mirchi advertisement for all sorts of promotional purposes, be it spreading word about a sale at your stores, promoting a new product or a variation of an existing product, or promoting a promotional activity like a contest itself. 


Radio mirchi advertisement is also a great medium for putting out  social or political messages. 

You  can pick any radio frequency out of their 112- station network according to your target audience, your budget and the locale of your ad campaign and be sure to get a huge number of impressions for your ad. 

Radio Mirchi Station List

In addition to 76 stations in 73 cities of India, Radio mirchi station list includes online and international stations as well. Mirchi owns three Ishq FM stations, 4 stations in the UAE, and 11 stations in the US.

In total, there are 112 stations on the Radio Mirchi station list. 

Below is the Radio mirchi station list in India, (except the ones for which the frequency is  mentioned, all of them have the frequency of 98.3) :

  • Ahmedabad, GJ
  • Akola, MH (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Amravati, MH (broadcast on 92.1 MHz)
  • Amritsar, PB (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Asansol, WB (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Aurangabad, MH
  • Bharuch, GJ (broadcast on 92.3 MHz)
  • Bengaluru, KA (two channels – 98.3 and 95 MHz)
  • Bhavnagar, GJ (broadcast on 91.5 MHz)
  • Bhopal, MP
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai, TN
  • Coimbatore, TN
  • Delhi
  • Durg-Bhilai Nagar, CG (broadcast on 91.9 MHz)
  • Guwahati, AS (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Hubli-Dharwad, KA
  • Hyderabad, TS (two channels – 98.3 and 95 MHz)
  • Indore, MP (First city of Broadcasting)
  • Jabalpur, MP
  • Jaipur, RJ
  • Jalandhar, PB
  • Jamnagar, GJ (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Jammu, JK
  • Jodhpur, RJ (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Jhansi, UP (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Junagadh, GJ (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Kanpur, UP
  • Kochi, KL (broadcast on 104.0 MHz)
  • Kolhapur, MH
  • Kolkata, WB
  • Kozhikode, KL (broadcast on 92.7 MHz)
  • Lucknow, UP
  • Madurai, TN
  • Mangalore, KA
  • Mehsana, GJ (broadcast on 91.9 MHz)
  • Mumbai, MH
  • Mysuru, KA (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Nagpur, MH
  • Nashik, MH
  • Palanpur, GJ (broadcast on 93.7 MHz)
  • Patiala, PB (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Patna, BR
  • Pondicherry, PY (broadcast on 104.0 MHz)
  • Pune, MH
  • Raigarh, CG (broadcast on 91.1 MHz)
  • Raipur, CG
  • Rajahmundry, AP (broadcast on 91.1 MHz)
  • Ranchi, JH
  • Rajkot, GJ
  • Shillong, ML (broadcast on 91.1 MHz)
  • Shimla, HP (broadcast on 104.8 MHz)
  • Siliguri, WB
  • Srinagar, JK
  • Surat, GJ
  • Thiruvananthapuram, KL
  • Tiruchirappalli, TN (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Tirunelveli, TN (broadcast on 95.0 MHz)
  • Ujjain, MP (broadcast on 91.9 MHz)
  • Vadodara, GJ
  • Varanasi, UP
  • Vijayawada, AP
  • Visakhapatnam, AP
  • Warangal, TS (broadcast on 91.9 MHz)

Below is the list of Radio Mirchi Stations in UAE:

  • Abu Dhabi (broadcast on 97.3 MHz)
  • Al Ain (broadcast on 95.6 MHz)
  • Dubai (broadcast on 102.4 FM)
  • Sharjah (broadcast on 88.8 MHz)

Below is the Radio Mirchi station list in the USA:

  • New York tri-state region (broadcast on 1600 AM)
  • Franklin Park, NJ (broadcast on 92.7 FM) and Princeton, NJ (broadcast on 103.3 FM HD2)
  • Raleigh-Durham, NC (broadcast on 101.9 FM, 99.9 FM HD4, and 1490 AM)
  • Philadelphia, PA (broadcast on 103.9 FM HD2)
  • Cleveland, OH (broadcast on 93.1 FM HD2)[9]
  • Baltimore, MD (broadcast on 92.3 FM HD2)
  • Columbus, OH (broadcast on 107.5 FM HD2)
  • St. Louis, MO (broadcast on 95.5 FM HD2)

Radio Mirchi Number Of Stations

There are a total of 112 stations on the Radio Mirchi network. 

Out of them, four are based in The UAE and 11 in the USA. Three of them are Ishq FM stations and several of them are online stations. 

In India, Radio Mirchi has 76 stations in 63 different cities.

Radio Mirchi Jingle 


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