Does it make sense to advertise in cinemas during Bahubali II?

In Cinema Advertising Bahubali 2

The question “Should I advertise in Cinemas during Bahubali 2” popped up so many times over last 2 weeks that I decided to put it on blog for the benefit of one and all.

To begin with, first check out the rates for advertising in Cinema during Bahubali 2 at Cinema Ad rates

After the grand success of Bahubali I, Bahubali II will surely be a much awaited movie not only in southern states of India of country but worldwide. With worldwide release of Bahubali II scheduled for 28th of April, there is already a general interest among advertisers on how to ride the wave.

With more than 40 Million hits on the below mentioned promo trailor, Bahubali 2 has all initial signs of a mega blockbuster.

While the answer can vary from brand type, region to brand movie fitment etc, I would keep the question of advertising during Bahubali 2 simplified to cost per reach. Cinemas all over from PVR, Inox to Sathyams’ of the world are paying huge royalty fee to screen Bahubali 2. To recover this money and also ride the popularity of Bahubali 2 among advertisers, cinema chains are all prepared to charge a premium to the advertisers in order to place ads in Bahubali 2. To clarify, we are not taking here about in movie integration, but more about playing slide ads, video ads on Cinema screens where Bahubali 2 is being screened. So we are taking about advertising rates charged by PVR, Cinepolis and IMAX’s of the world to advertise during the screening of Bahubali 2. The average occupancy of theatres doesn’t change much over a period. They make more money by charging higher ticket prices rather than increasing the number of seats. So cost per reach for your cinema campaign might go up if you choose to advertise only during Bahubali 2. And finally, there will be a huge ad clutter especially during the first 2 weeks of release.

To summarize

  1. If you are a brand which has been advertising in cinema over a long term, continue your cinema campaign with Bahubali 2
  2. For new advertisers which are trying to ride the popularity wave of Bahubali 2, check out the cinemas which will not be charging a blockbuster rate for advertising in Bahubali 2. Place your ads only in cinemas which are not charging a premium to advertise during the screening of Bahubali 2.

Contact TMA at to get advertisement rates for in cinema advertising during the screening of Bahubali 2.

You can also go to the city and cinema chain of your choice by directly searching on Google Chain Name along with the city and adding The Media Ant to it. For e.g. if you want to know the rate of advertising in PVR across Delhi NCR, please search for PVR Delhi NCR Cinema Advertising Rate The Media Ant. It will take you directly to PVR Cinema in Delhi

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