6 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know in 2018

6 Useful Social Media Tips

Do you feel that social media marketing seems to be quite profuse?

Trust me, I have got the right thing for you!

Perhaps social media is a vast and fast-growing part of the digital marketing world but with the right strides you’ll have too much to learn and do and for sure you’re not going to fall behind.

So, I thought of pulling together a list of the top # social media marketing tips. Moreover, I can even assure that this list of effective social marketing tips is actionable enough and you can implement them right now without even a second thought!

Now, let’s start….

1)        Use images while posting

Well, we are human beings and we love being social. Right? So, we can relate to visual content more than the text-based ones. Moreover, Facebook and Hubspot have further declared that Facebook posts which include images receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the other types. Just ensure that you are posting the images with your fans in mind. This would prove extremely beneficial for you!

2)        Accentuate user-generated content

When it comes to social media then user generate content should be your best friend!! If you opt for such type of contents then it would definitely save your time for finding or creating content. Moreover, this is not the end!

The contents which have been curated by your customers tend to be golden for a number of various other reasons. The contents that are user-generated can create a great impact on social media because your potential customers and fans would be able to connect to contents that have been generated by people who have similar likes like them.

3)        Maximize your efforts with post framework

To get started with socialism can be really tough for you if you are a novice social media marketer because it’s being a constantly growing industry. The frameworks usually vary according to the point of interest of the concerned marketer. For example, if you are leading an e-commerce business and want to maximize your efforts on social media but getting a bit stuck then your ideal framework should be like pillars of content, outreach, scheduling, and timing. If you use this framework in an efficient way then it would be able to supercharge your social profile in the best possible way.

4)        Let your customers spread the word

If I need to note down the most significant aspects of social media then its capability to let a single individual reach to thousands of people seems to be at the top. Now, as a businessman, what you need to do is nothing but just give a tap into this capability of social media which will let people spread an ultimate word about your brand.

However, you can even take the help of a number of third-party services which are present out there for each and every e-commerce platform. It will make the process a far easier one for you through special social coupons, add share buttons, social reviews and obviously multiple numbers of other social integrations which will end up making your site extremely social-friendly!

5)        Get an access to advertisements

If you are taking social media as a business-to-customer perspective then you should definitely give a great value to the individuals with a hope that there will be a context between the brand and the customer.

If you become successful in building such a context then the individuals will end up supporting you in multiple ways starting from helping you to create a brand-awareness to actually purchasing your products.

Now, to build such an impression all that you have to do is nothing but getting the rights to advertise. If you become successful in doing so then you will definitely provide a constant value to your community and then sometimes you can just push your products or service to them. Thus, they will certainly make a purchase. So, just keep in mind that you need to get the right to advertise!

6)        Think unique

Do you know about the famous book of Seth Godin?  I am talking about Purple Cow! The precise premise of the book states that if a business isn’t able to create a remarkable significance then it is simply invisible and I definitely agree with this idea of him, one of my biggest influences in the digital marketing space.

Now, to let your business create an outstanding impact, the first important change that you need to do is in your marketing. You might think that this is quite tough but always remember that by simply executing such ideas which are different from your competitors, you would take the first step towards making your business an influential one.

End of the line

So, if you want to excel in social media marketing then just opt for these aforementioned effective tips and I am sure that you will feel proud of yourself within a very short period of time.

Wish you all the best!


About Author:

Neil Helson is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO, and digital marketing company. He is passionate about helping small businesses and startups grow online.

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