5 Effective Twitter Advertising tips for Businesses

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  1. Use the right format

While you are at liberty to get as creative as you wish with your Twitter Ad, it is essential to follow a basic protocol to catch eyeballs.

  • Start your tweet with text and then add a link.
  • Make sure you include attributions with @mentions wherever applicable.
  • Add hashtags
  • Include appropriate images

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However, do not let the above conventions restrict your creativity. Come up with plentiful ways to create your Ads to add variety to your Twitter stream.

  1. Add Images

Adding relevant images to your Tweets makes them more conspicuous and easy to understand in one quick glance. Twitter has an interesting tool called Twitshot that extracts images from links and attaches them to your tweets.

You can also compose your tweet in the Twitshot tweet box and include  the URL you want to share.

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  1. Use the right #Hashtags

The hashtag is one of the most ubiquitous aspects of Twitter. Strategically including hashtags in your marketing campaign tweets can exponentially increase your reach and popularity. Including a hashtag gives a Tweet perspective and can give a conversation longevity.

Before you launch a Twitter Ad campaign highlighting a certain hashtag, search for it on Twitter. Be certain it hasn’t been used too often or will not in any ambiguity or confusion in your audience.

Keep your hashtags short and distinct so it can be easily added to Tweets. For example, Summer Camp Food Festival’s hashtag is “#SCFF2017”, much sleeker than “#CelebrateSummerCampFoodFestivalWeek2017” would be.

  • Hashtags are not case-sensitive, but adding capital letters does make them easier to read: #WeekendSalevs . #weekendsale.
  • Make sure you add the hashtag for your brand, products or services and encourage customers to use it when they are tweeting about your brand.


  1. Prime Time Tweeting

Identify the geographic location of your audience and tweet at times that best suits their time zone. Twitter Analytics can give you information on Twitter audience.

You could also go to Tweriod to establish the best times to tweet for your audience. Everyone signed into Twitter has access ‘My Analysis button’. You can click on it to see when your tweets get the most exposure and when most of your followers are online.

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  1. Retweeting

Retweeting is a great way to share or pass along news and interesting discoveries on Twitter. Give context and add your own opinion while retweeting someone else’s content. When you use Twitter’s Retweet icon, your Retweet or Quote Tweet will reference the Tweet you are sharing. When someone responds to your Retweet, the author of the original Tweet will not be added to the conversation by default. You will have to mention the author’s username for that. In addition to sharing someone else’s tweet, you can also retweet or quote tweet your own tweet, this allowing you to report your old tweets.

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