12 Effective Ways to Promote Your FinTech App

12 Advertising Platforms For Fintech Advertising

The word FinTech is comprised of two words: Finance + Technology. With India moving towards both financial as well as digital literacy, demand for FinTech solutions is increasing by the day and so are the FinTech startups. In such a scenario, the major questions that FinTech startups face are: How to rise above the clutter and target the low hanging fruits?

Here’s how.

Best advertising platforms to target FinTech App customers:

Advertising MediumMedia TypeStarting Budget
Business Newspapers & MagazinesMagazine/Newspaper2 Lakh Onwards
Airport & In-flight MagazineMagazine/Non-Traditional1 Lakh Onwards
Radio AdvertisingRadio30,000 Onwards
In-Transit AdvertisingNon-Traditional30,000 Onwards
Tech Park AdvertisingNon-Traditional1 Lakh Onwards
Business News Websites & AppsDigital50,000 Onwards
Influencer MarketingDigital50,000 Onwards
LinkedIn AdvertisingDigital15,000 Onwards
In-App Advertising: Hotstar, Jio, Inshorts, OlaDigital30,000 Onwards
Native Ad PlatformsDigital10,000 Onwards

Who should FinTech companies advertise to?

Business professionals or corporate workers are found to be the early adopters of FinTech products and services because

  • They are proficient in using technology
  • They are actively involved in managing their finance efficiently

Where do FinTech companies advertise?

Based on the past advertising campaigns carried out by The Media Ant, the following are some statistics from the area of FinTech Advertising:

Media Tools used for FinTech Advertising: (Source: The Media Ant Internal Data)

Advertising Media Used By Fintech Companies

When it comes to media platforms, FinTech brands choose non-traditional advertising platforms: Bus branding, Cab branding, Auto branding, and Tech Park branding.

FinTech Advertisers also find radio a very effective medium for advertising.

Following are 17 best media platforms popular for FinTech Advertising:

1. Print Advertising for FinTech Advertising- ,  and

Often present in offices and corporate gatherings, advertising in business newspapers and business magazines are the best ways to reach out to business professionals and so are the in-flight magazines that flight passengers often read to pass the time as all other media have to be kept in switch-off mode.

Fintech Ads In The Hindu Newspaper


Radio advertising is an effective way to target business professionals with cars while they commute to work every day. Especially in metro cities, where people travel long distance for work and traffic jams are common, radio plays a major role. There are various options from jingle, sponsorship tags, RJ mentions and contests to select for advertising.



Business professionals often travel to different cities and countries for business purpose. They spend hours in airports and airport lounges waiting for their flights. Advertising in airports is a good way to reach out to the premium audience.

Fintech Ads On Airport


Large sized, attractive ads at eye level, and low cost per reach makes in-transit advertising a favorite among advertisers. One of the advantages of in-transit advertising is the ability of hyperlocal targeting.

  • Bus Advertising: Bus routes leading to prominent Tech Parks can be targeted for bus branding.
  • Metro Advertising: All the major metro and tier 1 cities in India have metro rail which mostly runs in and around the commercial centers of the cities.

Fintech Advertisements On Bus

Fintech Ads On Metro Train


Majority of office goers have shifted to news websites and apps, thanks to free access and the ease of using digital news platforms. Display and video advertising on these websites and apps can help FinTech brands to target potential users.

Fintech Ads On Native Ad Platform


Tech Parks are megastructures that house multiple companies and startups along with various shared facilities. They also serve as an effective advertising platform for advertisers who want to target corporate employees. From kiosks to elevator branding, there are several branding options available for advertisers.

Fintech Ads In It Park

Fintech Ads In It Park


When it comes to financing, people love to listen to advice from their family, friends and role models. This is where influencer marketing comes into the picture. Influencer marketing would not only help advertisers to connect with your target audience but would also add credibility.


A social media platform dedicated to connecting business professionals across the world, LinkedIn can be leveraged to reach out to the target audience organically as well as advertising options like sponsored content, display ads, video ads, and Inmail.

Fintech Ads On Linkedin

9.  &  Advertising for FinTech Apps

OTT platforms are the future of entertainment. Advertising on OTT platforms not only give us an opportunity to reach out to highly engaged, entertainment-hungry audience across the states and cities but also help advertisers target their preferred audience through unique targeting options.

Of all the OTT platforms, Hotstar and Jio Apps are the best suited for advertising FinTech apps due to appographic targeting (targeting audience based on their interest e.g. apps already present on their mobile handsets).

Fintech Ads On Hotstar App


For people unable to spare time for reading news, Inshorts is a boon. Used mostly by business professionals, Inshorts is the perfect app to stay updated.

Fintech Ads On Inshorts


Advertisers can now target business professionals on Ola App.

Fintech Ads On Ola App


Native ads are advertisements that are presented in the same environment as the original content of the websites. Owing to their similarity and relevance to the other content on the page, native ads have higher chances of being clicked.

Fintech Ads On Native Ad Platform

What is the optimum duration for FinTech Advertising Campaigns?

Campaign Duration across mediums for FinTech Advertising: (Source: The Media Ant Internal Data)

Campaign Duration Of Fintech Advertisements

During the past campaigns, we have found that advertisers opt for digital medium for a long duration ranging from 6 months to 12 months whereas campaigns on other mediums run from a month to 3 months.

Want to know more about FinTech Advertising? Write to Help@TheMediaAnt.com for a customized plan.

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