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Founded in 2015, Wynk is a music streaming platform owned by Bharti Airtel with over 39.3 million monthly active users. The app was initially available only to Airtel subscribers, but it was later made available to everyone in 2017.

Wynk Music has quickly become one of the most popular music streaming apps in India, because of its large music library, its ad-free experience, its affordable pricing, and Airtel’s push to it. It also offers offline streaming for its premium customers.

If you are still wondering how to make the most use of Wynk ads and are not sure whether this medium can help boost your brand’s conversion rate, here is all you need to know to get started.

Top 3 Facts about Wynk Advertising

  • The average monthly downloads of the Wynk App in India is 9.6 Million. (Data from Nov 2022 to Oct 2023)
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  • The Monthly Active Users of the Wynk app in India are 39.36Million and the average session duration is 7.16  minutes. The Daily active users of the app are 6 Million. (Data from Nov 2022 to Oct 2023)
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  • The user demographics (India) of the app are 18.8% Female and 81.2% Male, with the highest age group being 25-34 years old (37%) followed by 18-24 years old (36%). (Data from Nov 2022 to Oct 2023)
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Top Reasons to Advertise on Wynk

Here are some of the reasons why advertising on Wynk can be terrific for your brand-

  • Wynk boasts a substantial user base, providing advertisers with the opportunity to reach a massive and diverse audience of music enthusiasts.
  • The platform allows for precise targeting based on user preferences, genres, and listening habits. Advertisers can tailor their campaigns to specific demographics, ensuring that their messages resonate with the right audience.
  • Wynk primarily delivers audio ads, creating an immersive and unintrusive advertising experience for users. This format allows brands to connect with listeners during their music streaming sessions, capturing their attention in a natural and engaging way.

Types of Advertising Formats/Options Available on Wynk

Here are the different types of advertising formats available to advertisers through Wynk:

1. Audio ads

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Format: Audio ads on Wynk are delivered in a non-intrusive manner, seamlessly integrated into the user’s music streaming experience.

Placement: These ads play between songs or during natural breaks in the user’s listening session, ensuring that they are engaged with the content.

Engagement: Audio ads leverage the immersive nature of sound to create a memorable brand experience, making it an effective way to connect with the audience.

2. Banner ads

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Format: Banner ads on Wynk are visual advertisements displayed on the app interface.

Placement: These static or dynamic visual elements can appear in strategic locations within the app, such as on the homepage, in playlists, or between pages.

Engagement: Banner ads provide a quick and visually impactful way to communicate a message. They are effective for promoting offers, products, or encouraging users to take specific actions.

3. Video ads

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Format: Video ads on Wynk provide a dynamic and visually engaging experience for users.

Placement: These ads may play before or during video content on the platform, capturing the user’s attention with compelling visuals.

Engagement: Video ads offer an opportunity for storytelling, allowing advertisers to convey their message in a more detailed and visually appealing manner. They are particularly effective for brand awareness and showcasing products or services.

3. Brand Channel

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Format: The brand channel option in Wynk Advertising allows brands to create and manage their own dedicated channels on the Wynk Music app. This gives brands a one-stop shop for their entire music marketing strategy, including curated playlists, exclusive content, branded ads, and social media integration.

Engagement: Brand channels on Wynk Music offer a number of benefits, such as increased brand awareness, improved brand image, increased sales and leads, and deeper fan engagement. They are a great way for brands to connect with their fans, promote their music, and achieve their marketing goals

It’s essential for advertisers to consider the unique characteristics of each ad format and tailor their content accordingly. For example, audio ads leverage the power of sound and can be particularly effective for creating emotional connections, while video ads offer a more immersive visual experience. Banner ads, on the other hand, provide a concise and visually impactful way to communicate messages in a limited space.

Types of Ad Targeting Available on Wynk

Wynk’s effective targeting options let advertisers reach their target audience. The advanced targeting options made available by Wynk are interests, age, geography and income. One can use one advanced targeting option per ad set.

  • Geography Targeting

Advertisers can target users based on their location, allowing for region-specific campaigns. This is beneficial for businesses looking to tailor their messages to a particular city, region, or country.

  • Age Targeting

Advertisers can specify the age range of the audience they want to reach. This ensures that their ads are more likely to resonate with users in a particular age group.

  • Device Targeting

Wynk being a mobile app, advertisers can target users based on the type of device they are using, such as smartphones or tablets. This enables more precise customization of ad experiences for different devices.

  • Interest-Based Targeting

Advertisers can leverage user data related to music preferences and listening habits to target individuals with specific interests. This type of targeting allows for more personalized and relevant ad content.

  • Income ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) Targeting

Advertisers may have the option to target users based on their income or spending patterns. This can be particularly useful for brands with products or services catering to specific income groups.

Top Brand Categories that Should Advertise on Wynk

  • Automobile
  • Technology
  • FMCG

Top 3 Cities of India that Prefer Wynk Advertising

The Indian cities from which brands did the most Wynk advertising are as follows-




Average CTR of Wynk ads

The Average CTR for Wynk ads is 0.2%

Wynk Advertising Cost

If you’re exploring advertising opportunities on Wynk and seeking guidance on costs, platforms like The Media Ant can serve as valuable intermediaries. The Media Ant is known for providing comprehensive insights and assistance in planning and executing advertising campaigns across various media channels, including digital platforms like Wynk. They can facilitate discussions with Wynk’s advertising team, ensuring that you get detailed information on costs, customization options, and potential benefits for your specific campaign objectives. Utilizing a platform like The Media Ant can streamline the process, offering you a one-stop solution for navigating the intricacies of advertising on Wynk and optimizing your campaign strategy.

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