Volvo Bus Advertisement in Bangalore

If you have ever been to Bangalore, two things that you would never stop talking about are the weather and the traffic. While being a constant pain for daily commuters, the slow moving traffic has brought about few wonderful advertising opportunities. Advertising in Volvo AC Buses in Bangalore is one of them.

There are few very strong reasons on why to advertise in Volvo AC Buses in Bangalore:

  • Huge reach through placing ads in Volvo Buses in Bangalore

BMTC was the pioneer in getting Volvo AC buses in Bangalore city transport system. As of January 2017, Bangalore city had more than 6000 AC Volvo buses and majority of them available for advertising. With more than 50 Lakh daily commuters, it is as mass as it gets.

  • Interesting advertising options available in Volvo Buses in Bangalore

Advertisers have the options to advertise both inside and outside of the Volvo buses. Branding in Volvo Buses in Bangalore is available for seat back, driver’s seat back and grab handles inside the Volvo bus. One can also brand the exterior of Volvo buses thereby creating larger than life image for the brand. Advertising on exterior of the buses also ensures visibility to those outside the bus.



  • Volvo Bus Advertising can be used to reach the premium segment

Average ticket price for travelling in the AC Volvo buses in Bangalore is more than twice the normal fare of a non AC bus. Advertising inside of these Volvo buses helps one reach out to the premium segment of the society.

  • Route level targeting possible

Volvo Buses in Bangalore can be targeted at a geography level within the city. So say for example, you are a real estate brand and want to target people travelling to work on Outer Ring Road. You can choose 500 Series Volvo buses as they run along the Outer Ring road. Advertising on Volvo Buses traveling on Outer Ring Road 500,  to Electronic City 600, Whitefield 335 and Inner Road Road 201, are few of the popular routes in Bangalore among the advertisers.

  • Low advertising rate for Volvo Buses in Bangalore

Per reach cost while advertising in Volvo buses in Bangalore is one of the lowest. High reach of these buses ensures that cost per reach remains low for Volvo Bus advertising.

  • Captive Audience

People spend a lot of time sitting in the Volvo buses. With varying claims of average commute time for a Bangalorean, one point that all the studies agree on is that Bangalore has one of the slowest moving traffic. A daily commuter spends anywhere between 35 minutes to 1:30 hrs inside the bus. With not much to do, any branding inside the Volvo buses will ensure engagement.

Popularity of advertising on the Volvo AC buses in Bangalore is evident from the number of brands utilizing it. Few popular brands who are advertising on Volvo AC buses in Bangalore are Swiggy, Sobha, Prestige, Lenovo, Flipkart and Amazon.

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