TMA Exclusive Offer: Discounts on Cab Advertising Rates in India

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Too much traffic? Stuck in jam? Check out the cool ad displayed on the cab near you.

Fun Fact: An average Indian commuter travels 35 km per day.

While the distances between homes and offices are increasing day by day, so are the number of vehicles plying on the road. This results in slow traffic movement and frequent halts at the signals.

How do you use this piece of information? By using this time to draw your audience’s attention towards your brand.

Here is a very effective and economical option to do it- Cab Advertising.

Uber Cab Advertising

Cab Exterior Branding on Uber cabs is a very good advertising option for city-level targeting. When compared to static outdoor advertising options like hoardings and bus shelters and other transit advertising options like government-run buses plying on fixed routes, Uber cab branding would ensure higher reach though lesser frequency, which also can be fixed by increasing the number of Uber cabs given that Uber cab branding costs significantly lesser than all other options.

Ola Cab Advertising

Cab Interior Branding in Ola cabs is meant for targeting the cab passengers. This is the best way to target and engage the audience in SEC A category, mostly professionals and students. This can be done through advertising on Ola Apps and Ola Play Screens. There are several targeting options available to narrow down the audience selection.

Exclusive Discounts from The Media Ant

The Media Ant is offering an exclusive discount on cab advertising (Uber Cab Advertising and Ola Cab Advertising). To know more about the offer, visit Cab Advertising  or write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com 

Reference Images:

External Branding (Uber Cab Branding)


Internal Branding (Ola Cab Branding)

Ola App Banner Ad















Ola App Cube Ads


Ola Play Banner AdsC4

Ola Play Carousel Ad











Ola Play Video Ad


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